Our Engagement Shoot + Tips for Taking Photos in NYCI shared this news over on Instagram, but realized that I never really addressed it here. With the outbreak of COVID-19, Ryan and I made the decision to postpone the wedding back in March. And we’re so thankful we did given the current state of the world and how everything has changed so much since then.

Like many states, New York is still on full lockdown with stay at home orders. We were originally going to get married last weekend, but have pushed until next May. If things happen to get better before then, we might look into elopement, but really there’s no way of knowing how everything will unfold and I’m trying not to get my hopes up. The good news is that I have an extra year to come up with even more colorful DIYS for the big day. It also gives us more time to save, which is actually a blessing considering how expensive weddings are.

Ryan and I both had and recovered from COVID and all I can tell you is that I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, let alone risking the lives of all our friends and family. We can wait; our love isn’t going anywhere. If you’re a bride and also postponed, I am so, so sorry. Just keep in mind those hugs of celebration are going to feel extra special when the day does come.

May 2, 2021– see you soon!


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