We all live for the Zara sale, but with employees keeping mum on the exact start dates, how’s a girl supposed to plan for some shopping?

Thankfully, we have an insider who gave us some valuable tips on how to shop the Zara sale in the UK so expertly that you’ll be guaranteed to get there first (and find the pieces you’ve been eyeing up all season). First up, you need to know that Zara’s sales start online at 10 p.m. the day before the in-store sale begins. That means that right now, the Zara summer sale has indeed begun and we’ve had a few moments to gather our thoughts and bring you the best of the best.

Lauren Eggertson in a lime green Zara top.

In the meantime, we’ve got some great tips on what you should buy. Our intel is that you should go for the things that’ll be the most popular first. So opt for the higher-priced goods that will sell out quickly (e.g., cashmere, handbags, shoes and coats). “Other pieces like shirts are likely to still be around for the second markdown,” recommends our insider. Just remember to try everything on beforehand so you know what to buy. And maybe even research trends for the upcoming season so you can see what will last.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to nab what you’re after, there’s good news: The stores often open early on sale days, so check with your favourite location. Also, if you don’t live in the capital, you’re more likely to find those popular pieces in the stores outside of London. Finally, don’t forget to sign up for the Zara newsletter and follow the brand on Instagram, as these platforms will keep you updated on sales.

“Customers will always ask, ‘Will you be getting more stuff like this?’ Honestly, the staff will have no idea what the rest of the season will look like,” our inside-Zara source tells us. “Yes, there are key trends, but since Zara design, create and produce items and have them distributed within just a few weeks, there is no way you can predict what’s coming in. Managers will only know what’s coming in when they do the order for next week’s stock.” The message here? Don’t rely on something going into the sale.

Hannah Almassi in a tie-dye Zara dress.

Although not technically sale merchandise, Zara does have a more affordable range called Special Prices—which will make you feel like you’re buying discounted Zara goods thanks to the seriously friendly price-tags we can see here. Think £16 for a wear-anywhere jumper or £30 for a lightweight coat. 

Ready to see which pieces you’ll want to put on your Zara-sale list? Keep scrolling to see our favourite pieces right now.

So chic, and so going into my basket.

A real beauty for wedding season (or even for your bridesmaids).

An investment piece with a twist.

Until the weather truly heats up, keep your toes covered with a pair of pointed mules.

A cute kind of floral that’s never really out of fashion.

How adorable, please?

Feel very French, non?

We’ve clocked this puff-sleeve dress on so many influencers. 

I adore the colour of these. 

I know it’s a bit loco, but I love it.

Add to anything on your hols, from denim shorts to slinky palazzos.

Fashion’s hair slide obsession is still going strong—to be honest, we’ll probably snap these up regardless of impending discount. 

The elegant work shoes you’ve been searching for.

Zara’s jersey is always one of the first things to enter the sale, and this cut-out tee already looks significantly more expensive than it actually is. 

Adding to all of my best boho dresses. 

Pair with platforms and channel the 1940s.

It’s THAT blouse!

It’s a clever wear-all-year-round kind of purchase.

These come back year after year in different colour, such is their popularity.

Zara is well known for its brilliant bouclé jackets.

The chain-print trend isn’t going anywhere, and comes back around every couple of seasons. So this may seem bold but it’s actually got longevity.

Cat-eyes suit everyone—fact.

The kind of slouchy number you’ll get so much wear out of. I’d opt for a different belt, or not belt at all!

Pair with heels for the ultimate Carrie Bradshaw effect.

Perfect for park days and work days alike.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has recently been updated.