The Wonder Girl. Sculpting with air dry clay - art vlog ep 40

Hello everyone.In this video, I’m going to show you my 4-day process of making 7x7x10” scale portrait sculpture using airdry clay.Finishing and sealing is not part of the video but I hope you can still get to enjoy it. 🙂

Clay used- Jovi airdry clay. Where I bought? Shopee. Use your searches. I don’t support spoon-feeding.

1. Amber – Relaxing Acoustic Guitar Folk by OakStudios
2. Off She Goes – Acoustic meets Lo-Fi by OakStudios
3. Breeze – Chill Electric Guitar Folk Music by OakStudios
4. Sydney – Acoustic Folk by OakStudios


00:28 Day 1 Armature, face
03:55 Day 2 Flowers
07:19 Day 3 Fine details
09:59 Day 4 Patching up cracks

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