The Winter/Holiday collection from Vogue Patterns is here, and on first impression I’m like, “Ok…

The Winter/Holiday collection from Vogue Patterns is here, and on first impression I’m like, “Ok Vogue, take my money!”  Of course, after taking the time to really comb through the patterns, I’ve calmed down a bit.  While there are a few patterns I would like to join my stash, I certainly don’t need to bring all of them home with me.  Still, there’s some fun stuff this release, so let’s take a look:

V1604 – Badgley Mischka.  I really love the back of this dress.  The detail is interesting and bold, but not overdone.  The juxtaposition of the bold details with the soft silhouette creates a very interesting gown.

V1605 – Badgley Mischka.  Vogue sneak peaked this on Instagram, and the close-ups of this outfit are gorgeous.  The skirt has such a dramatic flare, and the beading on the cuffs of the top are a fabulous detail.  Really classy holiday party look.

V1606 – Isaac Mizrahi.  Personally, I like a dress with a bit more waist emphasis, BUT I can totally understand the appeal of such a loose fitting design for a holiday party centered around feasting.  The sleeve ruffles are an interesting take on the current sleeve trend.  I’m still sort of over the trend on the whole, but, this isn’t the worst of the crazy sleeves, so it gets a pass.

V1603 – Isaac Mizrahi.  This is a cute combo for a holiday party.  The sleeve ruffle on the coat is very of the moment trendy, but the dress is a pretty classic cut that would work well for years to come.  The style itself could easily be made up in a more casual fabric for a cute summer look too, which makes this pattern pretty versatile.

V1602 – Paco Peralta.  I like this pattern.  The seaming is nice, and allows for lots of fit adjustments.  It’s a very classic style, but somehow feels like an oddly modern mash up of vintage and 80s inspired looks.  I don’t need it, but I like it.

V1600 – Bellville Sassoon.  Ok, I sort of have a terrible weak spot for all Bellville Sassoon patterns, and this one is no different.  LOOK AT THOSE CURVED SEAM DETAILS.  Gorgeous!  I’m obsessed.  I want, nay, need this pattern to join the collection.

V1607 – Tom and Linda Platt.  The pattern itself is pretty basic, with some asymmetric seams to add interest.  Love the use of the monochromatic fabric blocking to create visual interest on an otherwise simplistic look.

V1606 – Anne Klein.  I really like the style lines on that blazer; super sleek and modern but also quite classic and professional.  The pants are quite tight, but presumably stretchy?

V1609 – Zandra Rhodes. It’s so fluffy!  It’s pretty voluminous, but I somehow find the model photo oddly intriguing?  I don’t need it, but I don’t dislike it as much as I expected to based on the line drawing.

V9350 – Very Easy Vogue.  I really like this, but this is clearly a true wrap dress, which could be problematic to wear without a bit of flashing going on.  Especially with the dress overlap cut on a diagonal (see the line drawing).  It’s cute, but I don’t know if it is going to be worth potential wearing difficulties.

V9344 – Very Easy Vogue. Way too much sleeve.  I sort of enjoy of view A looks like a cape in the stiffer fabric though.

V9349 –  This wrap skirt brings all the drama!  I really enjoy this, it makes me think of a tango ballroom costume.

V9346 – Vintage Vogue circa 1947.  I really like this Vintage Vogue release.  The back pleats on the dress are a gorgeous detail.

V9345 – Vogue Easy Options Custom Fit.  When I saw the model photo I was like, ooooohhh no.  But the line drawing actually showcases several really classic shirt dress styles.  If you are looking for a really versatile shirtdress pattern, this could be a great option, especially with the Custom Fit cup sizing.

V1610 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  The kimono style jacket has been super popular lately, and this design has some nice features with the collar and belt options.  I’d be more interested if I hadn’t picked up a few kimono patterns earlier this year.

V1608 – Koos van den Akker.  Without the fabric art elements, this is a pretty basic jacket.  But just look at that use of the forest fabric!  Stunning.

V9351 – Vogue Wardrobe.  Is it terrible to say I want this just for the jumpsuit?  Because I want this just for the jumpsuit.  It reminds me very much of the Rebecca Vallance jumpsuit, which I also loved.  To be fair, the jacket has a cool collar, and the dress isn’t half bad either.  But, really, it’s all about that jumpsuit.

V9342 – Claire Schaeffer Custom Couture Collection.  Claire Schaeffer’s patterns are renowned for their detailed instructions, so if you like this pattern, it would totally be worth looking into.

V9352 – Marcy Tilton.  If you like an unconstructed silhouette, these coats could be fun.  I find I’m liking the style much more in the printed fabrics over the solid.  The fabric overlap on the back of the pattern is quite interesting.  I’d love to peak at the construction on this pattern.

V9354 – Vogue Accessories.  Nothing super exciting, but if you are looking for a fancy scarf or wrap, Vogue’s got you covered.

V9343 – Very Easy Vogue.  Ok, so rational brain knows that having such a deep-V front neckline is not something I’d want to wear, yet, the rest of brain is like “oooh pretty want!”  I really like the look of this pattern – it’s simple, sexy, yet understated.  Do I think I could wear it as is?  No, not without inventing some super deep-V corset to sit under the rest of the dress.  But I could probably close up the neckline a bit and make it more boob friendly.  Do I need this pattern?  No.  But am I probably going to get it?  Yes.  Yes I am.

V9347 – Very Easy Vogue.  Too. Much. Sleeve.

V9348 – As drawn, I’d give this top pattern a pass, but I think in a really soft, floaty fabric this shirt pattern could be very pretty.  Hopefully we see some blogged versions because I’d really like to see this one made up on a person.

V1611 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  I feel like this is sort of a lot of fabric to sleep in, but otherwise it’s fine.  The PJ pants look pretty quick to sew.

V9353 – Ron Collins.  Cute!  I love a puffer jacket for guys – it feels like a super practical style, and not too difficult to sew.  This pattern is definitely joining the stash.

And that’s it!  Going through it more thoroughly definitely let me get over the initial “ooh shiny” and be a bit more discerning in making my wish list.  Of course, it doesn’t mean a fair bit of pretty didn’t get on the wishlist.  Just, you know, not as much.  What did you all think?  Are you ready to grab a bunch of Vogue patterns to kickstart your holiday sewing?  Or do these styles all feel stiff, dated, and stuffy?  If you had a fancy holiday party to go to which pattern would you choose?  Are there any must-haves in this release, or do you give it all a big pass?  Feel free to discuss your thoughts in the comments!

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The Winter/Holiday collection from Vogue Patterns is here, and on first impression I’m like, “Ok Vogue, take my money!”  Of course, after taking the time to really comb through the patterns, I’ve calmed down a bit.