Our DIY off-grid rolling home is a self-converted 1989 Chevy prison bus. It has about 165 square feet of living space and custom woodworking throughout. Our design style is creative craftsman with industrial accents. We love pops of color, lived-in character and vintage elements. We fully restored the bus ourselves, inside and out for full-time living & travel. We maintained an open-concept throughout. We have a simple kitchen and dining area, plenty of storage, a cozy living room with a tiny wood burning stove and a raised queen sized bed sleeping area. Our bathroom elements (composting toilet & reclaimed southern yellow pine tub/shower) double as nightstands. Functionality, intention and simplicity were key drivers in our bus conversion build.

The exterior. You can see our wood stove flue and solar panels on the roof. When we bought our bus it was faded black, chipping and forgotten; I'll admit even a bit scary looking. We spent weeks prepping the body and painted the bus ourselves. It was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding steps of building this tiny home.
View from the driver's area looking back. Our floor is reclaimed factory maple from a textile mill in MA. It's rustic, worn, entirely imperfect and we love it. We used every board foot of it on the face frames, wall trim, etc.
Details. We look around the bus and see a bit of ourselves in every inch. It's important to be surrounded by things that mean something to you in a tiny space.


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