home furnishings inside the big blue house bus / sfgirlbybay

yesterday i received a sweet email from julie puckett, who calls herself a “modern day Phoebe Buffay” which i believe is to say, that she is a true bohemian. julie and her husband andrew own and styled a big blue, 200 square foot converted school bus known as the House Bus. Last January, she and andrew purchased an old Bluebird school bus and in just four months, transformed it into their full-time traveling home outside of Atlanta, Georgia. their bus has got a very laid back, boho-coastal feel and was created from the couple’s heartfelt passion for a DIY work ethic.

converted blue school bus house / sfgirlbybay

along with mr. butters the cat, and their cute pup starbuck the couple is about to embark on a 22-hour drive from Atlanta to Colorado Springs to speak at this year’s Tiny House Jamboree, and can’t wait. Their best trips have been ones where they travel great distances by rail or by road and believe traveling long distances affords all of us the magical opportunity to become adventurers — the chance to live out a fantasy we might only daydream about while confined to the monotony of our 9-5 jobs. they’re not knocking the merits of stability or practicality, but they want to remind us all to take a break from it every now and then and do something unpredictable. Get in your car and go somewhere you’ve never been before. And while you’re getting there, listen to an adventure-inspiring soundtrack — i’m all for that!

interior home decor of mobile house bus / sfgirlbybay

inspired to revamp your own bus? they’ve got some excellent tips for you at bus life: a beginner’s guide, and you can follow along with their Instagram account, @house_bus which reveals a look at the tiny house movement, and the creative couple’s personal design aesthetic. happy trails, you two!

house bus interior styling / sfgirlbybay

black cat laying near entrance and driver's seat of converted house bus / sfgirlbybay

starbuck laying on the sofa inside the big blue house bus / sfgirlbybay

interior styling of the big blue house bus / sfgirlbybay

inside the big blue house bus / sfgirlbybay

colorful and vintage decor inside and outside of the house bus / sfgirlbybay

shelving and kitchen area inside the converted school bus house / sfgirlbybay

lofted bed inside the big blue house bus / sfgirlbybay

tiny bathroom in converted school bus house / sfgirlbybay

starbuck inside the bedroom of the big blue house bus / sfgirlbybay

fireplace and decor inside the big blue house bus / sfgirlbybay

Julie and Andrew Puckett and their big blue house bus / sfgirlbybay

the big blue converted House Bus / sfgirlbybay

• photography by julie puckett.