The Week in Architecture: the Long-Awaited Rise of Reuse and the Next Generation of Architects

© Jaime Navarro. Cineteca Nacional / Rojkind Arquitectos

© Jaime Navarro. Cineteca Nacional / Rojkind Arquitectos

This past Monday brought with it not just a new week, but the start of the lunar new year. The start of the lunar new year brings with it another chance to review what’s past and start afresh – a welcome opportunity for those of us already suffering a bit of new year blues. 

Looking back to move forward seemed to be a bit of a theme this week, with the announcement of a number of memorials and renovations on historic sites. While the spate of new projects this week is certainly a coincidence, the recent proliferation of reuse and memorial projects, in general, shouldn’t come as a surprise. As the age of the icon-producing starchitect stutters to a close, the long-gestating movements in reuse and preservation will likely come to the fore as a major movement in contemporary architecture. While major works such as the LocHal Library and the Battersea Arts Centre are banner examples, this is a movement that will celebrate the small-scale and local. 

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