There are pros and cons to making your creative passion into a career. The obvious pro is that you get to spend your work days, at least in part, doing something you love! The biggest con that I have experienced is that, over time, your worknlife can overtake your creative life. That thing that was once your biggest hobby might not be the thing that helps you unwind anymore. Ask anyone who does creative work for a living.

That said, two weeks ago I had a breakthrough that felt really amazing and I wanted to share it with you!

My parents were in town, and my mom is the kind of person who never wants to leave the house yet gets bored really easily. So we did a LOT of projects. The day she arrived she insisted we clean out and decorate our (soon-to-be) playroom (you can see a peek here). The momentum of finishing that was so awesome, we just kept going!

I had this book I had been saving for a rainy day, so we decided to make hand sewn dolls next. The process was so fun and carefree. I haven’t made something that wasn’t for the blog in A WHILE. I didn’t even know how much I was missing it.

When we finished, I immediately started another project, and another and another.

I realized there is so much value in making things just for fun. It really inspired me!

I have always loved Jess Brown’s designs, so when I realized she had a book called The Making of a Rag Doll: Design & Sew Modern Heirlooms, I ordered it immediately. There are patterns included in the book.

When my nieces were in town, they were obsessed with the dolls I made with my mom and wanted to make some too. Fair warning, it was definitely above their age level (they are seven and nine), so if you want to make dolls with younger kids, be prepared to do most of the work yourself, or just choose an easier pattern. It was still fun for them, though! The two dolls I made with my mom are now hanging out in our nursery, waiting for our daughter to arrive.

I am so happy to have rekindled my love of crafting just for the sake of crafting! I hope that if you are in need of this kind of project, this post will encourage you to seek out your own. xx -Elsie

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Doll pattern from The Making of a Rag Doll: Design & Sew Modern Heirlooms by Jess Brown. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.