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We love TV, we love binge watching on our days off, and my kiddos love playing games on their kids tablets. Sometimes, I feel like the only way for me to do chores around the house or even have some “me” time, is by letting my kids watch their favorite Kids Netflix shows for a little bit. Now that spring break is in full swing, I have heard a few “I’m bored” from my oldest, so we are often having movie nights around here. I’m just happy that we have super fast TV & internet services that are now provided by Frontier.

I just recently discovered that Verizon in California is switching to Frontier Communications and Frontier is there to help us with the switch. Nothing of my current Verizon services will change and I love that, this just make the switch so easy for me.



Who is Frontier? Frontier is one of the nation’s fastest-growing telecommunications companies and currently operates in 28 states in the USA. As of April 1st, Verizon services in California, Texas and Florida will move to the Frontier network. If you currently have Verizon and Verizon FiOS Internet and TV services, it will now be provided by Frontier Communications. Nothing in your Verizon services will change and Frontier has been exceptional with all the transitioning by providing all the answers to your questions. To learn more about the switch visit The switch is coming very soon so get informed and all your questions answered.

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