Some types of spaces make it easy to create a refined and sophisticated interior design and that’s usually the case with leisure areas while utilitarian spaces tend to be more focused on functionality rather than visual appeal, hence they sometimes lack style. The kitchen is an interesting case. With so many appliances and features that need to fit in this space, we sometimes ignore the fact that a luxury kitchen can be an awesome addition to a home plus it can have a substantial impact on the entire  home interior, especially if the kitchen is part of an open floor plan.

There’s no clear definition of what makes a kitchen or any other space look luxurious and sophisticated in the first place. For beautiful kitchens it can be any number of things, such as the materials used, the colors, the finishes, the backsplash, the lighting, the fixtures, etc. You can find a wide array of beautiful designs to choose from offered by J&J Teixeira. This is one of them.

Here you can take a peek at the Aria luxury kitchen. Its minimalism and beauty are only matched by its functionality and user-friendlines. This luxury kitchen is designed with great attention to detail and a simple yet sophisticated array of materials, finishes and colors. Gray is definitely the star of the design, being complemented here by wooden tones and stainless steel accents which balance out the design perfectly.

A lot of times the beauty of an interior design doesn’t come from the materials or the finishes involved. Wood, for example, is an incredibly versatile material and here, for example, it helps to add warmth and texture to an otherwise extremely simple luxury kitchen design.

Similarly, this kitchen has an extremely simple design and is mostly all white. Even so, espresso design managed to make it look refined and sophisticated by carefully maintaining simplicity and beauty. The marble backsplash is a beautiful feature and you can see it extend all along the backside of the cabinets, creating a back panel at the top in order to maintain symmetry and fluidity in the design.

The Motra Collection designed by Christopher Peacock combines clean modern aesthetics with the charm of suburban home kitchens. You can best observe this charming blend by looking at the details such as the hardware of the cabinets.

The luxury kitchens in this collections come in a wide variety of natural and stained wood finishes as well as any paint color requested by the client. Marble countertops and backsplashes give the kitchen a refined and elegant allure while the woods ensure a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

The Motra collection can also be defined by a rich diversity of designs, finishes and even colors. This particular model, for instance, has a subtle farmhouse-style charm featuring glass front cabinets set right on top of the countertop, detailed cabinet door pulls and appliances with plenty of industrial flair.

There are a lot of different details which can elevate a kitchen from common to sophisticated. For example, an eye-catching chandelier like this one would definitely become the focal point of the room. Naturally, the furniture should be designed in the same ornamental manner.

The kitchen cabinets can themselves become the focal point of the space if they’re detailed in such a manner that they’re eye-catching or simply unusual enough. Check out this luxury kitchen and all its elegant detailing for example.

Of course, it’s not all about the kitchen cabinetry or the appliances, especially if the kitchen is big enough to incorporate a dining area. For example, this is a kitchen island with a table extension. The marble top matches the kitchen’s counters and backsplashes and the base has the same elegant and sculptural details on it as the cabinets.

Sometimes the trick is simply finding the right proportions for the kitchen furnishings and the right combination of colors and finishes. We love how the black cabinets complements the dark backsplash and the ivory-colored wall-mounted modules in this kitchen designed by Verona mobili.

In some cases, all the effort goes into not making the kitchen look like a utilitarian space but rather as an integral part of the living area. That means there has to be a perfect balance between looks and functionality and that special attention is given to the idea of comfort and everything related to it.

When there’s a table in the kitchen, that naturally mean that there are also chair and maybe even a beautiful and sophisticated chandelier hanging above the table. It can also mean that there’s an area rug on the floor and even some artwork on the adjacent wall. A mirror can also work.

A luxury kitchen might also be characterized by a style other than the contemporary one, a style that’s less common, retro and thus special and sophisticated in a lot of ways. A kitchen with rustic cabinets could be included in this category, for example.

Similarly, a luxury kitchen might also emphasize the aesthetic details of its design. For example, the cabinetry could more or less be very common and simple in terms of structure but the door fronts and the hardware could be the focal points of the design. In other words, it’s the facade that matters in this case.

A luxury kitchen might also feature a very interesting and unusual geometry. The Vision kitchen, for instance, is characterized by soft and fluid lines, symmetrical forms and perfect geometries. It evokes a sense of purity and extreme simplicity, basically reinventing all the things we take for granted in the kitchen.

The Aran Cucine luxury kitchens are characterized by elegant and innovative designs oriented towards the idea of a social, family home where this space is the central meeting point for all family members. The design evokes tradition and passion and is created using high-quality materials and refined methods.

This is the Petra kitchen designed by TM Italia. Its design shows great attention to detail and beautiful texture matching with a focus not only on the counters and cabinetry but also the way in which these elements interact with the kitchen flooring or other environmental elements.

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