Braid pigtails is an incredibly exciting experience. We girls can spend hours experimenting with your hair, in search of the perfect image. And today we want to talk about how to braid braid itself. And in order to convince you that this is not difficult, we will show you photos and examples of braiding. Join us!

How to braid braid itself?

There are many options of braiding. All of them are really impressive and fit for your special moment in life. And, we offer you to start with formal hairstyles.

Hairstyle twist braid

This hairstyle is a kind of symbiosis between a scythe and a French twist hairstyle. To create it very simple even at home. So, to create a fashionable hairstyle you will need:

    Scrunchie hair Thin comb

And the first thing we need to do is backcomb the roots of the hair. Today, stylists insist on voluminous hairstyles, and, given that we are talking about the evening laying, the fleece is simply necessary. So, necesite hair into the top of the head near the roots. Lock bouffant hairspray. The twist is so twisted. You twist hair strands, then fix it.

Косы самой себе

So, adelite one section of hair at the bangs and curl it a few times. Just twist the hair until the strand will not become dense. Take the second strand at the temple and loop it around the strands of hair several times. Continue to weave and twist strands of hair, while half of their hair will be woven. Now secure the hair in the middle in a ponytail using a thin elastic. Now repeat the same with the other hand, gather your hair into a twist and secure with rubber band. Connect both parts with a rubber band in the middle and create a braid of three strands. Secure the braid with a hair tie and lightly pull the strands. Braid ready.

Simple braid updo

Create high hairstyle simple enough, but add to it hair that would be admired by others much more difficult. We offer you a simple and beautiful hairstyle that will be perfect for summer time of year.
So let’s get started!

Косы самой себе

Originally necesite hair in the occipital region. Use a thin comb and hairspray. Now divide the hair into two parts and braid each of them a simple braid of three strands. Slightly tighten the strands of hair to the braids looked three-dimensional. Now take the tip of the spit and secure it at the nape, as shown in the video. Do the same with the second braid. Now lock trendy hairstyle with hairspray. As you can see, the hair was very simple and at the same time beautiful.

The spit itself: relaxed French braid

Косы самой себе

Today it is fashionable to braid French braid on the center of the head. But we offer more simple and understandable variations. You may try to create a loose French braid.

This is an amazing hairstyle that captivates men’s heart at first sight. All you need: hairspray, hair scrunchies, thin comb. Peel off the larger section of hair on the crown and divide it into three equal parts. The classic braiding three strands.

Continue until you twist the hair three times. Now, take two more strands of hair left and right. Attach them to the side strands of the braid and continue braiding for another three times.

Now secure the braid with a hair tie, gently pull the strands to make a braid look more voluminous, our hair ready. This is a simple hairstyle that you can do in just 5 minutes.

Besides, it is suitable for any occasion!

The spit itself: braid 6 strands

This braid looks very specific and suitable for special occasions. If you are ready to start, let’s talk about

Косы самой себе

How to create a braid in 6-th strands at home. To create this hairstyle you’ll need: wax for hair, hair spray, gum, Curling hair. Before we start braiding, apply on hair a little wax to make them more obedient.

So, take the hair in one hand, and divide into two equal parts: Levu and right. Now, keeping one part of the hair in one hand, divide it into three equal parts and begin braiding three strands.

Twist braid between itself and the stop. Do the same to the other side of the spit. Twist the hair once and stopped. Now twist the three strands in the center of the braid and repeat the process.

Pony tail to the very end, then fasten it with a scrunchie, she’s ready. Now secure the hair with hairspray to styling were beautiful and lasted a long time. More detail see on the video:

To create the braid itself is very simple. The main thing – to pick up the original hairstyle, but also to develop my own technique of creating trendy hairstyles. I hope that you liked our recommendations!