The Spa Trip My Best Friend and I Won’t Stop Talking About

I was burnt out and at my wits’ end when I asked beauty and wellness guru Amy Lawrenson just what the heck I should do to sort myself out. She suggested a sanctuary I had never considered before, and for that I am truly grateful. I was looking for an out-of-town spa where I could truly switch off and spend some quality time with my dearest friend whom I hardly get to see. I needed somewhere that didn’t feel hipster-ridden or overhyped, just somewhere that was luxurious and comfortable, reliably good quality and friendly. I also needed somewhere I could get to fast—time is of the essence and a four-hour journey to some remote location just wasn’t going to cut it.

Her recommendation? The Grove Hotel and Spa in Hertfordshire. It may not be the flashiest or win prizes amongst those who just want to go to the “hot new thing,” but boy, does it do the trick.

I arrived knotted and stressed. I left blissed-out, full of delicious food and merry from the QT I’d been able to spend with someone important to me. Here’s what we did and what we loved about The Grove. Oh, and so you know, we’re making this an essential annual trip from now on—see you there!