The Sound Of Music Activities For Kids

I’m so excited to share that I partnered with The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization to make these fun printables and activities with you today – all inspired by The Sound of Music! At the risk of dating myself, I have to say that I grew up watching the film with my family by popping in The Sound of Music VHS (set of 2, if you please) tapes into the video player, pressing play and belting out the tunes with my entire extended family. I can proudly say with no regrets that those VHS tapes are warped from overplay only because The Sound of Music brought us countless hours of joy and entertainment. Imagine my happy full circle moment when The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization approached me to make these activities that I can now share with you and my family. Happy memories were ever so present while making the images, printables and games I created for today’s post. Read on to print and play along!

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The Sound of Music Printable Memory Game and Crossword

The best way to get started is to watch the movie or listen to the soundtrack as a family, and then print and cut one copy of the memory game and multiple copies of the crossword puzzle for each family member. For the crossword puzzle, here’s a hint to successfully getting the correct words: pay very, very close attention to the lyrics of the song “Maria.”

Please note that the printables for the activities in this post are free for personal use only.

The Sound of Music Printable Memory Game Materials:


1. Download and Print the Guitar Pattern:

Send the guitar pattern to print on 3 pages of white cardstock. This will be the patterned side of the memory cards. Once printed, re-feed the pages back into your printer so that they can print on the blank sides of the cardstock

2. Download and Print the 3 Pages of Memory Cards:

These will be printed on the blank sides of the cardstock pages with the guitar pattern (see the links above for you to click and download)

3. Cut out your Memory Cards:

Use your scissors to cut each card out, cutting closely around each black border

The Sound of Music Printable Activities

How To Play:

Now that your cards are cut out, it’s time to play the memory game! Here’s how:

Shuffle the cards so that they are face down

Lay the cards down in rows (face down)

The first player takes a turn by turning over any 2 cards. If the cards match, the player keeps them and can have another turn

If the cards do not match, the cards are turned over to their original spots. Now it’s the next player’s turn

The next player uses his or her memory to try and match cards from the previous player

The game continues like this until all the cards are played. The winner of the game is the player with the most matching pairs!

The Sound of Music Printable Memory Game

The Sound of Music Printable Memory Game

The Sound of Music Printable Crossword Materials:

  • Crossword Printable Page
  • Pages of 8.5 x 11 in white cardstock
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • PDF Reader (any application that you can use to open and print my PDF downloads)
  • Pencil(s)

The Sound of Music Crossword Printable


1. Download and print the Crossword printable:

Send as many copies as you need to print on white cardstock. For example, if 4 people will do the crossword together, print 4 copies

2. Cut Out Your Printable Crossword Puzzles:

Use your scissors to cut each crossword puzzle out, cutting closely around each black border

3. Cut out and hide the answers

Cut out the answers at the bottom of the crossword printable page and place them face down, so that you can check your answers after completing the puzzle

The Sound of Music Activities - Crossword Puzzle

How To Play:

The goal of a crossword puzzle is to fill all the white boxes with the answers to a series of clues. The biggest hint as I mentioned before is to pay very close attention to the lyrics of the song “Maria.”

The words that go in the boxes are written across and down. Read the clue for each matching direction and number and write your answer using a pencil. The correct answers will interlock with other answers. When you get a correct word, one or more letters from that word will give you a bonus clue to the next word!

Once you have completed your answers, check them with the printed ones provided (that you have put face down)

And there you have it! Two fun activities to help you make new traditions with a favorite musical that still stands the test of time. I hope you and your family enjoy watching The Sound of Music and doing the activities as much my family did!

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The Sound Of Music Activities For Kids

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