Hej! I hope you had a wonderful weekend?! It’s been pouring all day here in South Sweden, but I kinda don’t mind a wet Monday, do you? I mean it’s better than a wet Saturday, right?! I kicked off the day with a photo shoot in my bedroom (sounds dodgy, it’s not! Check out instagram stories for more if you’re curious!) supported by copious amounts of coffee and the dulcet tones of my friend, Kat Healy on Spotify (she has such a beautiful voice)! Another talented lady is Gunn Kristin Monsen – a visual storyteller and lifestyle photographer based in Bergen, Norway. You only have to look at Gunn’s beautiful Instagram feed to get an idea of her work and innate sense of style (she also has a lovely blog). Gunn frequently shares snapshots of her home which has been decorated in soft blue and grey tones and white to reflect the lake it overlooks.  She kindly gave me permission to share a few of them on My Scandinavian Home today.  Enjoy!

All photography: Gunn Kristin Monsen

How lovely! There’s something poetic about Gunn’s photography. I love that there’s flower theme throughout  (look closely and you’ll spot one on the bed too…).

Is there anything that stands out to you?

If you’d like to see a little more Norwegian home inspiration today, don’t miss this archive (as always, if this pops up first just scroll passed!).

Have a great start to the week!

PS I’m gearing up to several press interviews with US newspapers this afternoon which have been set up ahead of the launch of the US & Canadian version of my new book Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life tomorrow – so exciting! Better go and prepare (one’s a podcast!).