We just finished our new build of a duplex a super fun project for us. We were not only the designers on the project but also the investors, so it gave us a bit more freedom to play with colors and textures throughout the house.

There is a A & B side, both feature custom colored cabinetry, a large staircase mural designed by one of Starbucks lead designers, and a shipping container front entry.

This is the Unit A Kitchen - a fun mix of warm colors and textures. 10/10 would buy :)
Unit A - Master Bath - Here we used a green that we found from a shirt we had and had it color matched because,  why not :)
Unit A - Stairwell - This is the custom mural we had designed for the staircase to keep things interesting but also invite some good ole' Austin charm into the house.
My favorite - Unit A powder room.  Simple and unique.
Some cool tile work in Unit B kitchen


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