4 reasons why security cameras should be part of your home security system

With more adults living alone than ever before, home security systems have become a hot topic. Personal safety, inside and outside of the home, and lowered component costs mean that most families can afford home monitoring systems, but single adults generally have less household money and no second income so costs must be kept down.

Most home security monitoring companies can integrate security cameras into their alarm systems, but they cost more, sometimes substantially more. Separate, unconnected camera systems are available at a reasonable cost and, if installed correctly, can give homeowners or renters more security than homes without camera systems.

1. You can see who is at the door

The primary reason to install security cameras is so that you can see who is at your door. Whether it is a valid visitor or a potential intruder, being able to observe and record the encounter can be invaluable. Burglars and home intruders will often ring the doorbell to see if anyone is at home. Remote camera systems with apps that allow the homeowners to observe from their cell phones, and even speak with the visitors remotely, can make their homes appear inhabited, making it less likely to be broken into.

2. Record criminal activity

Although no one wants to be burglarized, having a video record of someone breaking into your home and leaving with our property makes it more likely that the police will be able to solve theft. It also makes it simpler to identify what has been stolen for insurance purposes. Motion sensitive cameras can also detect intruders sneaking around on your property and record them.

3. Protect your loved ones

Nanny cams and motion sensitive cameras can record activities around the house when you are unable to keep a close eye on things. Nanny cams in the nursery ensure that caretakers will behave appropriately and outside cameras can track children playing in the yard. Cameras can also help find children or adults who have wandered off.

4. Protect your valuables

Houses with home offices are targets for burglars stealing high-end electronics. Computers, printers, phones and many other electronic devices are kept in your office. It can also hold important documents and paperwork you cannot afford to lose. Security cameras can record unauthorized entries and thefts from these spaces.

Although not an exhaustive list, if any of these situations happen to you, your security cameras will make it easier to prove wrongdoing, recover your property and protect your family members.


A part of your home security system

Although any camera system is better than nothing, integrating your security cameras with your home security system gives you more options for remote monitoring. Most home security systems can upgrade to a camera system. Monitored systems have advantages over personal systems when you cannot take the time to monitor your home personally. Like most self-monitored security systems, camera systems use your phone to send you updates and report problems, if your phone is off or muted during a meeting, a movie, dinner or for whatever reason, you won’t receive the notification.

An upgradeable system allows you to set up your home security cheaper than having to buy the whole package up front. Integrating your cameras with your security system is beyond the range of most DIY homeowners. Placement of security cameras to get the best results can also be difficult for untrained people.

For more information on what monitored systems are upgradeable to camera systems, visit homesecuritysystem.co and compare them. 

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