An elegant Reading Room has been created by Studio Carver for a retired couple in
Belsize Park, North London​. The extension is a smart and simple solution for a client who
wanted a reflective space within their home for study and reading.

Built from a folding façade of glass and oak cladding, Studio Carver deliver a spacious and
light filled extension within a confined north London garden that is a characterful addition to
the property and sympathetic to the original house.

The 6sqm extension is designed around a large picture window projecting out into the patio
and garden. The new study encloses against an existing garden wall with bespoke joinery
and desks. The soft, minimal façade complements the brickwork of the 1950s property whilst
oak lining internally establishes a peaceful continuity of materials inside.

Rather than break up the canvas of glazing with openings or adjustments, ventilation to the
room is brought in via a slit in the adjacent oak cladding. This allows for an an unobstructed
stream of light to brighten up the home without the need for energy demanding air

The interiors of Reading Room are created from tableau of oak timber, which form the ample
shelving, storage and desk spaces in the study. The continuation of material creates a
constant colour palette that blends textures from indoor to outdoor.

An additional skylight at the rear of the study allows for more light to filter down into room,
with glass and timber infilling the triangular gap between the existing building and garden

Outside, oak clad planters extend along the garden wall and stitch the building into the
existing landscape. The old bricks provide a textured and warm backdrop to the new oak
lining, flowers and greenery. A small bench seat set on top of the planters allows occupants
to site amongst their flowers and rest against the old garden wall.

Reading Room by Studio Carver
Reading Room by Studio Carver
Reading Room by Studio Carver
Reading Room by Studio Carver
Reading Room by Studio Carver