Solid wood furniture is better than the type made of particle board or other materials and a lot of people agree with this. But why is that? What makes wood furniture so special and appreciated? To answer these questions, we’ll need to have a good understanding of the concept. Real wood furniture is best known for its durability. If it’s well-made, such a furniture piece can last for generations. That’s because wood is stronger than most other materials furniture is made of.

Real wood can look like new for many years and that says a lot about its versatility. Most furniture pieces made of real wood have timeless designs and don’t become outdated after a year or to. With proper maintenance, they can look as beautiful in 100 years as they do now. Then there’s also the fact that a lot of solid wood furniture pieces are hand made and that means no two look exactly the same. Knowing that your furniture is unique means a lot in some cases.

The beauty of live edge furniture can’t be reproduced artificially and that’s definitely worth the cost
Each piece of furniture made of solid wood is unique just like every tree is unique
You can see all the rings on this solid wood table and even tell how old the tree it’s made of was
Unfinished wood furniture has a certain ruggedness that a lot of people find charming
Maintenance is very important for real wood furniture and there are a few things you must definitely avoid
Never let chemicals such as solvents or nail polish remover touch the furniture as it can strip the finish

It’s important to do some research before you go ahead and buy solid wood furniture. First of all, you need to able to distinguish between real wood, veneers and particle board. Solid wood is usually more expensive than the other types as well as more susceptible to scratches and water rings. That’s why maintenance is very important in this case. When you look at a piece of furniture, check the drawers and cabinets if there are any to make sure they open and close properly and that you like the feeling you get.

Sunlight can damage wood furniture. It bleaches the wood and it degrades the finish
Even artificial light can do damage on wood furniture but UV filters might help
Place your solid wood furniture as dar away as possible from fireplaces, radiators and heaters
It’s easy to turn wood furniture into focal points, especially when it looks like this
The charm and beauty of wood furniture comes from the particularities of the material
Furniture and accessories made from real wood put emphasis on the uniqueness of each board
There’s no point in hiding the wood’s imperfections. It’s best to embrace them
Such intricate and sculptural designs require a bit more maintenance than the simpler models
At some point it might seem like refinishing is the only option if you want to salvage a piece of furniture

Here’s another tip: avoid solid wood furniture that features nails and glue. The best kind is the one that’s joined at the ends and corners because it’s more durable. Inspect the legs as well so see if they’re sturdy and well-attached to the furniture. You should also be realistic about the color. You may like a certain color tone a lot but if it just doesn’t look good in your home you may as well ignore it.

Before you start the refinishing process, decide whether it’s worth it or not
If the furniture piece is painted, the paint may hide burns, missing veneer or water marks so get rid of it to assess the situation
It’s not really worth refinishing a piece if the construction is not high-quality
Also, the refinishing may turn out to be more complicated than you think because of all sorts of small details
Of course, if you don’t want to preserve the original look, you can customize a piece however you want
Natural wood coffee tables are appreciated for their sculptural beauty and intricacy
Furniture designers highlight the wood’s uniqueness in all sorts of ingenious ways
The more imperfections a piece of wood has, the more interesting the furniture made from it will be
The glass top is chosen here for its transparency and the fact that it doesn’t cover up the wooden base

It’s true that real wood furniture is made to last and that you can keep it for a long time but that’s only if it gets proper maintenance. A table or a desk can end up looking worn after many years or everyday use, especially if not cared for properly. Wood furniture needs to be cleaned and polished regularly in order to maintain its beauty. Because wood is a natural material, it’s more vulnerable to other natural elements. It swells in high humidity and it shrinks if the air is too dry. Also, bugs and termites can damage the furniture and it’s easier to solve the problem than to prevent although this means the damage may be irreparable.

Some wood furniture pieces could easily double as sculptures or decorations for a space
Complement your solid wood furniture with other materials and finishes that highlight its beauty
A lot of designs are shaped by the wood’s unique characteristics and form
To protect your wood tables, use coasters or place mats and cover them with table clloths
Wood and leather make a beautiful match and they’re often used together to create lavish decors
Of course, wood is not just for furniture. This unique light fixture is the perfect example

If you wipe spills promptly and you dust and clean the furniture regularly that should do the trick. Every six months or so you can also polish it. Stay away from cleaning products that contain abrasives, ammonia or silicone as they can damage the finish. The main reason why solid wood furniture lasts so long is because most damage is easy to fix. Still, sometimes you just know a more drastic action is required: refinishing the piece.

Size matters less than form when it comes to solid wood furniture
The beauty of solid wood furniture is timeless and doesn’t bow to trends
As much as you might be tempted to fill your house with awesome wood furniture pieces, you mustn’t overdo it
Make sure to highlight a beautiful piece of furniture and to display it in a flattering manner
Wood can be combined with metal to create elegant contrasts

But how do you know when it’s time to refinish your wood furniture? Well, there are a few obvious signs. For instance, you may notice rings and water marks under the existing finish or worn out patches and blemishes. Another sign may be the fact that the furniture feels sticky even after it’s been cleaned or the fact that the wood looks dark and the finish is starting to chip off or to crack. In this situation, you need to ask yourself whether the piece is worth refinishing or not.

It’s amazing how much some little details can impact a piece of furniture, like the form of this table
Use a solid wood console table as a focal point for a hallway or entry lobby
The thin metal legs on this table contrast with the solid and thick wooden top
The base on this table is pretty sleek and thin as well, making the top the main attraction

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