To look impressive, don’t need a pile of clothes. Enough to buy 20 basic things that will help you to create a beautiful look in any decor.

This list of mandatory purchases we’ve made clothes that successfully looks at all the girls and always looks stylish and fashionable.

Basic wardrobe

Идеальный гардероб: 20 вещей, которые обязательно должны быть в шкафу каждой Trench coat – double breasted is better, preferably to the knees. Optimum color – beige. Looks good with ripped jeans, and little black dress. Large gray sweater. With jeans and sneakers – perfect for casual look; with a leather skirt and worn heels out. Sweater in a «pigtail». Good option – oversize that can be worn with short shorts, and with a strict pencil skirt. Black pencil skirt knee length. This length looks good on everyone without exception. Leather pencil skirt. Impressive, expensive, flexible (to face and slender, and full women). White shirt. Only let it not be anything extra – no pockets, no collars, bows or flounces. Important point: the white chemise is worn only once. And immediately in the wash. Silk blouse with bow. And don’t think that it’s old-fashioned. If worn with jeans, leather trousers or skirt and black leather jacket, get a very bold look. Classic suit, tailored fit. The jacket is double – breasted, fitted. The trousers are straight, with a medium waist. Wide black pants with flared from the hip. Wear only with heels, the feet should almost touch the floor – it visually elongates the figure. Sheath dress. Preferably neutral classic colors: black, gray, beige. Due to the neutrality it is easy to mix with other clothes and accessories. Peplum top. It will make the waist, hips – seductive. Little black dress. It’s a classic, so is not even discussed! White wide t-shirt. Look for a model in the men’s Department – you will not regret. White and black Mikey-alcoholic. Things that can save in the most hopeless situations. Bright skinny jeans. Especially good for the summer! Boyfriend jeans. Well look as elegant with a chiffon blouse and t-shirts. Pants-chinos. Wear povorachivat leg. Color – any. Cropped black pants. Cropped is visible when ankle. With heels they make your legs slender and long. Sweatshirt. The best option is gray. The model is easy and fits nicely in any kit. Jacket. It adds drama and equalnet.