As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. But when it comes to holiday gift giving, sometimes that’s not even quite enough to convey your love and gratitude for the recipient. It’s not your fault: gift giving can be notorious difficult and frustrating. (Although we hope to ease some of that frustration with our gift guides.)

And even after searching endlessly for the perfect item, purchasing, wrapping, then hand delivering or shipping your gift to your loved one, it’s possible they’ll return it. According to data from e-gift platform GiftNow, 54 percent of all holiday gifts were exchanged or altered in 2016. That’s nearly $70 billion (billion—with a b!) worth of returns, according to resell platform, Optoro.

But there is one category of gifts that is basically guaranteed to be less popular and get returned: clothing. According to a study conducted by Kohl’s, clothing is by far the most returned gift category, making up 62 percent of all returns. It makes sense: Even when you’re feeling confident with your clothing gift for a woman, man, child, or heck, even an animal, so much could go awry: size, color, style, preferences, allergies—yikes.

Another popular item likely to get returned according to GiftNow? Sweets—chocolate, candy, and gum.

Perhaps it’s best to steer clear of these highly returnable categories, and instead go gifting for some sure winners, like the thoughtful ideas below.

Mud Australia Small Carafe, $86, is a super chic carafe that anyone can use for a wide variety of uses, and it comes in a ton of bold colors. Safer bet than a sweater or jacket, for sure.
Candles are always a great idea. But take it a step further, with Hawkins New York Simple Wood Candle Holder, $36, and a set of Cire Trudon Taper Candles, $36. Taper candles feel nostalgic and the Cire Trudon version brings major luxe vibes at a reasonable price. More useful than a box of chocolates and candy—promise.

ZigZagZurich Ginza Cotton Throw, $159, makes a bold, charming statement in a home. Sure to be a Christmas winner!

Want some cool French points? (Us too!) Look at the incredible Le Typographe stationery collections, starting at $5, for super high quality, quirky paper gifts.

Or, for someone who has it all, give the gift of giving back. Donate to a worthy cause like Unicef, Sonoma County Resilience Fund, ASPCA, Oxfam, or National Wildlife Fund.

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