One of the ways in which we can all make a difference with our wardrobes is to buy a few long-lasting things, rather than seeing trends and items as disposable. In 2019 many are resolute to partake in this circular economy, and re-wear, re-use and re-cycle. Keira Knightley has long had this approach to shopping — her Chanel wedding dress was even a dress she had previously worn on the red carpet, and has worn it since.

Yesterday at St Pancras Station she wore a grey shearling Burberry coat from the Burberry 2009 collection which she only allowed herself to buy under the promise she’d wear it every single day. “My mum was like, ‘You cannot spend that amount of money on a coat,’ and I was like, ‘No you’re right, I can’t, I can’t,’ Keira said to Elle Magazine in 2011. “And then literally it was months, months, of thinking, ‘I’m not going to do it, I’m not going to do it.’ But then she said, ‘Right, if you’re going to buy it, you have to wear it all the time.’ So I wore it every day last year and I’m going to wear it every day this year.”

A £2,795 coat might be an unimaginable purchase to most of us — however the idea of buying a classic coat that you’ll still wear for a decade is an idea worth buying into. Keep scrolling to see how Keira has been wearing this coat over the past eight years.

Style Notes: This week Keira wore her Burberry coat with a navy knit and jeans — an outfit she has been wearing for eight years. 
Style Notes: Keira has worn her coat to dressier occasions too — at a BAFTA dinner in 2015, when she was pregnant, Keira wore the coat with a black dress, tights and chunky heeled boots.
Style Notes: In 2011 Keira paired the Burberry coat with a striped jumper and jeans.
Style Notes: Another jeans and coat outfit from 2011 — but this time she added a leopard print scarf.
Style Notes: Keira pairs her coat with a little navy dress and brown leather ankle boots.
Style Notes: This is a classic Keira Knightley look from 2011 not dissimilar to the outfit she wore yesterday. 


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