I have written about Italian brand GSI on the blog before and I’m a big fan of their ability to combine timeless and elegant design with technological innovation for a bathroom design that can stand the test of time in terms of quality and aesthetics.

The brand has recently presented its new Nubes collection, which will be available in October and can be characterized by rigor, lightness, and versatility. The Nubes collection consists out of a range of technologically and stylistically avant-garde products catered to be used in contemporary bathrooms. The Nubes washbasins can be installed on walls, stands, or shelves and are characterized by their minimal square shape and light look. A selection of the washbasins is available in the matt tones of the Color Elements (which I talked about in detail in this blogpost).

The collection is completed by two pairs of suspended wc/bidets and a floor standing pair of wc/bidet, both characterized by soft, sinuous lines, seen in the pictures below. The wc’s are equipped with the world’s quietest Swirlflush® flushing system (it has a noise level of just 64dB) which directs water evenly. The surface of each wc has the Extraglaze®Antibacterial ceramic finishing which is enriched with silver and titanium ions that provide ISO 22196 certified anti-bacterial protection. This renders surfaces extremely polished and smooth for immaculate and effortless hygiene. It prevents limescale deposits, leaves surfaces shinier, makes ordinary cleaning easier, and reduces bacteria counts by 99.99%. The design doesn’t have any hidden, hard-to-reach parts either, which makes it easier to clean and the anti-bacterial formula is even applied to the wc lids, which are made with FDA and EPA-approved resins that prevent the growth of germs and bacteria thanks to the properties of silver ions. The lids have a Quickrelease installation system which allows the cover to be removed by hand without tools and the slow closing SoftClose system that avoids accidental slamming.

These technologies add to the ease of use of the products and I think hygiene is such an important factor when selecting bathroom elements. If I think back at how much time I spent cleaning the bathroom over the years, I wish I would have had these technological advancements that improve hygiene and are easier to clean. In the pictures below you can see the Nubes collection integrated into beautiful, exemplary bathroom designs, which are minimal in aesthetic, letting the clean lines of the products and the materials in the space define the subtle look of the space. A bathroom like this can stay for years and it will still look good thanks to its timeless design and the technological advancements that are integrated so that the products can be kept clean and hygienic over time. 

GSI products are produced in Gallese, Italy: a ceramic production region with a thousand-year tradition. Craftmanship is constantly enhanced by technology to not only create the best possible products but also to respect the safety of the personnel. The most advanced machines available in the ceramic sector are used in order to eliminate the riskiest manual tasks and ensure a healthy workspace. The production obtains its energy from renewable sources, recovers wastewater for reuse in the production cycle, and reduces the consumption of combustible gas by recovering the heath used in the processes. 

Every GSI product is designed with aesthetics and technological innovation in mind for the best user experience and produced in Italy with the greatest craftsmanship, care for its personnel and the environment: all factors that make the brand stand out.

This post was written in collaboration with GSI Ceramica however all opinions are my own of course. If you would like get inspired for your bathroom project, have a look on their website

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