This is the latest project by Swedish kitchen manufacturer Nordiska Kök in Malmö, Sweden. The townhouse is located in an area called Bellevue, designed by architects Fritz Jaenecke and Sten Samuelsson. The kitchen design is a tribute to the history and character of the house and has a clear  Scandinavian aesthetics, built with natural materials like oak and granite all while meeting the functional needs of a modern kitchen.

The granite countertop is called ‘Lemon Ice’ and has a beautiful pattern, which goes so nicely with the oak cabinet doors in chocolate brown stain. The kitchen really stands out in a subtile way against the beige on the walls and curtains and because shelving is used on the top it has a light and airy look.

Styling by Marie Graunbøl, photographed by Andrea Papini for Nordiska Kök

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