Nespresso Vertuo… new, modern, innovative and did I say COFFEE!


But first – COFFEE! That’s my mantra in life and how could this be you ask, when I’ve never had a Nespresso Machine… that is, until now! 

I was extremely lucky to be able to trial the new Nespresso Vertuo Machine and now I am left wondering, how have I lived until now without this?

It has changed my life, well mostly my mornings, and a cheeky evening Espresso Martini obviously!


Nespresso Vertuo


Australia is a nation of coffee lovers, from our morning lattes, to our afternoon short black pick me ups, to an iced coffee in the late afternoon sun or an espresso martini to kick off the evening – we just love coffee, and good coffee at that!

The Vertuo is Nespresso’s most intelligent and elegant looking machine to date. This versatile machine delivers the highest quality coffee in 4 cup sizes, from the perfect espresso to a mug size if that’s your style! It has simple and easy to use one button operation, quick preheat and brewing times, has a very reasonable price tag of $299 and comes in three modern and on trend colours, which is great when you like your appliances to fit in with your kitchen’s aesthetics like I do!


Nespresso Vertuo


One of my favourite features is the ‘Reverso’, a long black, with a dash of milk – which is my exact order at my local café every morning, so I’m loving that I can now make my favourite coffee at home. The Vertuo creates the ‘Reverso’ by adding a dash of milk to the mug before extracting the coffee over the top. This process delivers a smooth, indulgent and creamy texture without the need for an additional milk frothing device.

Another new and truly exciting feature is Vertuo’s extraction process called ‘Centrifusion’. The intelligent extraction system provides an extremely high level of precision as the machine recognises, through barcode technology, each expertly designed Nespresso coffee capsule and adjusts the extraction parameters to brew each blend in the most optimal way – it reads cup size, temperature, rotational speed, flow rate and the time that water is in contact with the ground coffee.


Nespresso Vertuo


An extra fact about Nespresso that I love is that they are committed to ensuring sustainability throughout their operations – and their recycling program shows just how committed they are. With over 19,000 collection points, including Nespresso boutiques and over 300 florists, you can feel content knowing that your used capsules are recycled.

Additionally, Nespresso has partnered with Australia Post to provide co-branded satchels to ensure that even if you live remotely, you can recycle your capsules. It’s this type of thinking and ingenuity that makes me love my Nespresso Vertuo even more.


Disclosure – I was given the Nespresso machine to trial, I wasn’t paid to write a review.