As is often the case, design changes and grows with the ebb and flow of the time. When I think back to the rise of bohemian or ~boho~ (cringe) spaces, I pretty instantly conjure up visions of fussy interiors, littered with superfluous greenery. You know, spaces that look like a lot of work went into making them appear “undone”.

Something about bohemian style shifted in a big way over the last couple of years and what we’re left with, in this new wave of bohemian style, are spaces evocative of easy living, real life and possessions collected over time. A real resurgence of simplicity with a focus on form, functionality and personality has ushered in the new guard of bohemian spaces. Wall hangings are still big (and I’m still obessed with them!), things are still sun-soaked and colors remain neutral but a lot has changed.


photography credits in order of appearance: retrodentulsa, nicki sebastian, the joshua trehouse, sarah sherman samuel, the socialite family, ally walsh, general store, kirill bergart, aleksandra zee, hilary walsh, greta van der star, nicki sebastian, live like it’s the weekend, angi welsch, nicki sebastian

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