What trends in makeup waiting for us this summer? Brand new! First, no more shimmers / highlighters. Secondly, say goodbye to pink blush. Well, the «icing on the cake» — remove out your favorite matte lipstick. Than it is to replace? Read in this article.

Ala naturel

Самый модный макияж: 5 главных трендов лета 2020

The fashion for naturalness is still at the peak of popularity. Especially in the summer when overloading the skin with makeup absolutely not want to. Make a bet on perfect skin. Arm base under your makeup, bb or cc cream, concealer and blush. But the highlighter put off — this summer it is unlikely you’ll need it. You need an even skin tone and an accent on the cheeks. Then light touches prorisi eyebrows or lashes put a little brown mascara. Lips better to leave untouched or to put on them a drop of clear gloss.

Shade (of) the past

Самый модный макияж: 5 главных трендов лета 2020

Hard to believe, but the main nightmare of student from Soviet Union with us again! The blue shade, so many years «decorating» the eyelids of the workers of the deli, came back. «Not this,» you say. But we’ll calm down: clear the way from the Soviet «dust» and retro RAID will help a completely different finish and a new coating method. Forget about the hated mother-of-pearl and put down the brush for shading on the back burner. Thus, the scheme is simple: dip your finger in matte (!) cream shadow blue or blue and spend them for centuries. Still scared? Yes, very beautiful!

Arrows of mass destruction

Самый модный макияж: 5 главных трендов лета 2020

Massive arrows — another fashion trend in makeup this summer. Perhaps they will be»too heavy» for daily everyday makeup, but on the way out — the most it. Are these arrows on the principle of coloring: first, you have to draw eyeliner precise contours from the inner corner of the eye almost to the outer edge of the eyebrows, and then fill the space inside.

Tea blush

Самый модный макияж: 5 главных трендов лета 2020

This summer, makeup artists offer us to abandon the traditional pink and peach blush and try tea shades. Yes, blush «and I’m only in from the cold» is no longer relevant. Like contouring, draping and Straubing. Tea a little blush on the apples of the cheeks and you’re fresh and lovely. Try cream blusher tools or sticks — they are comfortable and multifunctional.

Moist lips

Самый модный макияж: 5 главных трендов лета 2020

Put your favorite matte lipstick and take in hand the lip gloss. Glossy vinyl finish that will be the height of fashion this summer! And now catch the beauty life hack: to gloss will not escape, but remained quietly «lying» on your lips even after dinner, prep the lips with a matte primer or translucent powder.


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