Collection of women’s clothing created for the season spring-summer 2019 conquered us with tenderness and finesse: the fashion shows are again dominated by romance and retro is dominated by an airy weightless fabric, magic patterns, charming details. If you are playing a Princess, then in the summer of 2019 you will have a chance to turn their dreams into reality. Just follow the advice of famous fashion designers and wear clothes, invited famous fashion houses. In addition to a feminine and elegant vintage dresses on the catwalks one could see the ensembles in the style of «disco», which, undoubtedly, will appeal to young people. Key trends for fashionable dresses of spring-summer 2019 more detail, we consider below.

Fashion dresses one-shoulder spring-summer 2019 new

Those who fully open shoulders seem to be too explicit solution, the designers offered to wear a one shoulder dress. In the world of fashion this style of wearing is called «Greek». From dresses in the Greek style emanates a kind of celestial girl power, mystery, honesty and chastity at the same time. Absolutely no coincidence that this style is preferred to the Greek goddess and Queen. Of course, this style since then, much has changed. Some designers significantly shortened the hem, while others have diluted the image of stylish prints, and others suggested that dresses in leather or pleated materials. Illustrative examples of modified Greek dresses we can observe in the new lines of clothing, David Koma, Isabel Marant, Roland Mouret, Tome, Anthony Gasiewski, Saint Laurent.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фотоСамые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable dress with slit spring-summer 2019

The actual dresses 2019 know how to emphasize female sexuality, and especially cut off women’s legs. By the way, unlike past seasons when designers soberly cut the hems mid-thigh, now trending slit went up much higher. Additional chic to this style give color solutions. In new collections you will not see a frivolous or excessive floral decoration.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фотоСамые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

However, it is not necessary, when talking about concise black, passionate red, and futuristic dresses of metallic colors. Muted tones don’t distract from the architecture of the cut. Among the colourful fans of the trend not to mention Elie Saab, which combined in a single outfit, several relevant techniques, releasing dress with high slit asymmetrical one-shoulder and glittering decoration of Golden glitter.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

Altuzarra and Marchesa Notte dressed models in outfits mystical black color, only slightly slowed down the degree of rigor feather decor, polka dot-polka and belts in the style of glam rock. One of the most daring solutions offers Dennis Basso in his dress passionate but elegant red color blends with the new-fangled brashirovanie and unusual design of the top.

Fancy Maxi dresses spring summer 2019

Long airy dresses never go out of fashion, but with each new season of 2019 they add new accents, mixing different styles, so each dress looks stylish and unique. Long fashion dresses spring-summer 2019 bright, stylish and diverse. As shown in the photo above Maxi dress has a trapezoid shape and rich print, vertical stripes slim the figure and elongate the silhouette, and solid yellow back adds contrast and looks unusual.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фотоСамые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фотоСамые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

Of course, what a spring dress without a bright floral? Colorful flower motifs are always appropriate in the warm seasons, the air fabric and lots of flowers create a delicate and romantic spring look. Bright long dress with sleeves, geometric patterns and looks unique and perfect for summer parties. Classic colors make the image soft and feminine. Light, delicate dresses in pastel shades look great and are suitable for both daily life and for various events.

Trendy pleated dresses spring-summer 2019

If you still think that pleated and ripple – different names for the same technique of tissue processing, it’s time to get rid of this error, not to pass the girl who knows absolutely nothing about trends. Flat pleating too boring to be the latest trend trend. Ripple with its convex, calibrated, geometrically accurate and deep folds has attracted the attention of famous designers.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

Corrugation allows to achieve expressive playing of textures, and the effect of bunching gives a particular dynamic along with every movement of its owner. This trend, in contrast to the satin of kitsch, can be called a very practical girls who just hate Ironing, should choose ruffled dresses. Such models do not require this tedious procedures, while maintaining its original appearance after gentle washing.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

In 2019, choosing corrugated dress, you need to pay attention to the distinctive features of the design approach – the folds should create sculptural volume. Also welcome the presence of a complex colour blocks, 3D effects, a combination of ripple and smooth textures in a single product.

Vivid examples of this trend presented Chloé and Monique Lhuillier, adding a pleated multi-layered and airy ruffle. Not far behind, and the king of eveningwear Elie Saab. It was a mashup from all the fashion trends – the deeper the color, the shimmer of metallic, ruffles, sheer panels, slits and asymmetry. However, ripple can be a good item not only for evening fashion – this statement was successfully visualized by designers Blumarine, write dynamic wrinkles in everyday floral monoloc.

Fashionable shirt dresses for spring-summer 2019 photo

A few seasons ago with the triumph of returning to the world of fashion t-shirt dress this spring will be a real must-have and will fall into the wish lists of all fashionistas. Thanks to its cut, this dress is for girls with any type of shape, so afford to buy a dress-shirt can each. It remains to determine only the color and style. And, of course, do not forget the dress-the jackets – we love the model of the bold orange color from Schumacher. This is a great option business dresses for those who did not veto the bright colors in office dress code.Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фотоСамые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable sports dresses spring-summer 2019

Sports style casual dresses also remains in fashion as the previous two seasons. Such dresses allow you to feel comfortable and easy to get rid of excessive rigor. Unusual dresses offered Giulietta, Hermès, Missoni and Stella McCartney. Interesting white mini boxy model was represented by the fashion house Stella McCartney.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

Wide straps, as well as self-inflicted belt upper top allow you to mask minor imperfections of the thighs or the extra inches on the waist, but also enhance the attractiveness of legs. Stylish sporty look mini dress by Dsquared2, which combines pistachio, pink and blue. Waist and shoulders are large cutouts accentuate the harmony of shapes and of women’s legs.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фотоСамые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

Do not think that the dresses can only be used for ceremonial meetings and receptions. Stylish casual sports dress can refresh an image, make it easy, or, conversely, to stand out from the crowd, attracting everyone’s attention. Why every woman in 2019 will be able to choose the suitable casual dresses among the many proposed models for famous fashion designers and designers.

Fashion dress with the smell of spring-summer 2019

It’s hard to imagine that 40 years ago women were not familiar with this unique style. Some fans of high fashion hearing about this dress frown in disgust and call him a «house robe». Connoisseurs of glamorous impressions of complex shapes and rich decoration, they do not understand the beauty of this simple outfit. However, this outfit has lots of advantages that make it a must-have in women’s wardrobe for 2019:

    Visually lifts the chest, thin waist and hides hips; the owners of a «boyish figure» makes a feminine and elegant; versatile item that is suitable for any event; it does not hinder movement; the dress is easily removed and worn; gives coolness in hot weather.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фотоСамые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

Some people think that dress with the wrap effect is quite monotonous and simple, but they are sadly mistaken. There are many styles of dresses with the smell of different kind of smell, length and material of the product. Today the range includes dresses with surplice back or chest, minimalist luxury evening and casual outfits. Light fabric give the dress the playfulness and romance, and the heavy make the silhouette more clear-cut. Looks very advantageous chiffon and silk wrap dress. These fabrics drape well and create an interesting texture. Knit wrap dress accentuates feminine curves and creates a beautiful silhouette.

Fashionable denim dresses spring-summer 2019

For many years jeans is one of the most fashionable materials. In this regard, many designers used it for sewing casual dresses spring-summer 2019 . Such casual denim dresses in their collections submitted by: Chloé, Fendi, Karen Walker and Suno. An interesting model in the classic dark blue denim casual dress demonstrated the fashion house Chanel.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

First and foremost, I would like to draw attention to the dress, which is made from denim. This female model by many stylists is considered a very successful design idea, all because it will suit both full and slim girl. Actually, it’s not a universal cut and the denim, which can help to hide a couple of flaws.

Самые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фотоСамые красивые платья весна-лето 2019 фото

For young girls, stylists recommend model denim dresses: sundresses, which can be very light for the summer, and warmer, for example, in the early spring. These products are just perfect absolutely all the girls, all because they have a boxy cut and can be perfectly combined with other attributes of clothing.