Mykonos, also known as The Island of the Winds, is an 85.5 square kilometer piece of land surrounded by water from all directions. This Greek island is a popular tourist destination, alluring visitors from all over the world with its vibrant nightlife and charming hotels and villas. The terrain is generally very rocky with many areas eroded by the strong winds, hence the nickname. In case you’re considering your next vacation here, check out our selection of the most charming resorts and retreats currently present on the island.

Two-storey retreat with pool and stone walls

Forget about the clean and precise geometry of contemporary architects and starts getting used to smooth lines, organic forms, curves and uneven and imperfect surfaces because that’s what you find on Mykonos island. This is all reflected in the design and architecture of structures such as this lovely two-storey house built by Paly Architects. The house sits on a sloped site and is fairly modest and compact in terms of size and style. The architects were careful not to disturb the land too much and tried as much as possible to make the house blend in with the landscape which is why they used stone, wood and natural and simple colors.

Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel & SPA

The serene Rocabella hotel is situated just a few minutes drive from Chora, on Mykonos island and is a true expression of minimalism and glamour. Its simple and bohemian design allows it to blend in with the local landscape and to invite the guests to relax and to enjoy their freedom as much as possible. The hotel comprises 21 rooms in total. The suites are decorated with soft neutrals and earthy color tones which combined with the natural materials used throughout the building show genuine hospitality and charm.

San Giorgio Hotel

Everything about the San Giorgio Hotel from Mykonos island is somehow related to the idea of peace and relaxation. The hotel’s guests are invited and inspired to simply lie back and relax. This beautiful retreat was designed by Lambs&Lions in 2012. There are benches, hammocks and hanging chairs pretty much everywhere, both indoor and outdoor and a laid-back atmosphere surrounds everything and everyone. The hotel also offers some of the most beautiful views on the island, being situated in one of the most scenic areas which, as you know, is famous for its vibrant nightlife but also for its tranquil and relaxing daytime activities.

Black Cactus Villas

This is one of the newest properties on Mykonos island. It was designed and built in 2017 by the architects at Dezone and it’s a lovely little retreat, a sort of cozy family home with a simple and modern interior design and a modest exterior defined by uneven surfaces and smooth curves and edges typical to most such structures in Greece. At the back the living space opens onto a deck and swimming pool with views of the sea and the surrounding landscape.

Signature Suite 130

If it’s luxury and sophistication you’re after, perhaps during your next trip to Greece you’d like to stay in the Signature Suite 130 at Kivotos on Mykonos island. It’s one of the most exquisite hotel rooms here, offering a total of 60 square meters of lavish spaces that can accommodate up to 3 guests. The interior is modern, chic and very tastefully decorated, featuring marble flooring, antique furniture pieces and eye-catching decorations. The most amazing feature of all, however, would have to be the private pool which has a glass front.

Cavotagoo Mykonos

The guests of Cavotagoo Mykonos can enjoy luxury in a very chic and welcoming form. This stylish boutique hotel has a design inspired by the local architecture which by now you’re probably familiar with. Simple, organic lines and pure colors soothe the visitors and create a very relaxing ambiance. The hotel offers a very high level of comfort, featuring a spa center, a wonderful lounge, a pool bar, not to mention the private suites which feature these beautiful round beds and exquisite wooden furniture and flooring. The way in which nature becomes a part of the interior design is very beautiful in this case.

Villa Dedalos

Villa Dedalos is a glamorous retreat situated on Mykonos island, above Elia beach. It was designed by G-Architects and it features spectacular views of the Aegean Sea as well as the nearby islands. Guests can book six bedroom suites, all featuring white as their primary interior design color. The style of the design is a mixture of rustic and modern elements. The interior spaces have stone walls with rather rough finishes which contrast with the minimalist and modern designs of some of the furnishings, in particular the beds. This combination is very stylish and very suiting for retreats such as this one which want in particular to be welcoming and cozy but also fresh and airy.

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