One of my favorite activities every year around Christmas is to craft all sorts of cute ornaments and decorations and yes, I know most of these are crafts for kids, but how could anyone resist when they’re so adorable? I mean just look at them…This year we have some awesome projects to share with you and they’re extra adorable so get ready to shop for supplies because you’ll want to craft all of them.

These colorful Merry letters are so fun an easy to craft even kids can do it so perhaps you should let them help this year. The supplies needed for this lovely project include wood letters, craft paint, washi tape, scissors and sponge brushes (one for each paint color). Details and instructions can be found on whitehousecrafts. Feel free to pick other color combinations if you prefer something different.

These lovely felt Christmas trees require some sewing so they’re a bit more time-consuming but they’re still pretty easy to make. Still, you’ll probably only have the patience to make one or two of these things before it gets frustrating. These are the supplies you’re going to need: felt fabric, a needle, thread, Christmas tree template, cotton balls, ribbon and a pencil or a pen. Check out all the details on sugarspiceandglitter. Instead of felt circles you could use small buttons as ornaments.

These Christmas trees featured on craftifymylove are fun and easy to make by kids and adults alike and they look quite stylish so you can confidently display them around your home or even offer them as gifts. To make them you need cardboard, yarn, glitter stars, double-sided tape, a hot glue gun, an x-acto knife, a pencil and a ruler.

If by any chance you have an old gumball machine just lying around, this Christmas you could turn it into a snow globe. It’s a project that requires a few special supplies such as miniature homes, trees and snowmen plus some fake snow but once you have everything ready the transformation is simple. Surely kids would love a gumball machine snow globe and the project is so cool that adults would find it awesome too. Everyone is happy.

Aren’t these ornaments adorable? They look like colorful mini wreaths which you can hang in the Christmas tree and they’re also super easy to make which makes a perfect Christmas project for the kids. You can either use simple wood beads and paint them each using craft paints or you can look for already-colored beads. Apart from that you’re also going to need pipe cleaners, scissors and satin ribbons. Check out whitehousecrafts for extra details.

Did you know you can make cute Christmas ornaments out of pasta? That’s right, this is a pasta reindeer. It’s a very easy project which makes it suitable for kids. The supplies needed include penne pasta, brown pipe cleaners, googly eyes, red pom-poms, twine or ribbon, brown paint, a paintbrush and glue. The process is pretty straight-forward but you can check out thejoysharing for more details if you want to.

Some of the coolest DIY Christmas crafts are the ones that involve unusual and unexpected materials such paper rolls for example. These cute characters are made out of toilet paper rolls but paper towel rolls can be just as good if you cut them in half. You’ll also need paint, glitter paper, buttons, pom-poms, cotton balls, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and a black Sharpie. You can find detailed instructions on thebestideasforkids.

Another cool and at the same time very cute idea is to turn dinosaur toys into planters and to combine them with bottlebrush Christmas trees and ornaments for a festive look. You’ll have to make a hole in your dinosaur so that’s irreversible but once Christmas is over you’ll be able to use as a tiny planter for small succulents or cacti so it’s not exactly a strictly seasonal craft. Check out the list of supplies and instructions on jenniferperkins.

Just look how cute this little fox is. It’s so tiny it fits in a baby sock. Actually, you could repurpose a real baby sock if you have any. If not, just make one out of felt. The fox is made of felt too. You can find all the details on how to assemble this ornament on theheatherednest. You can use any colors you want and even replace the fox with something else if you want to.

I’ve seen this adorable little Christmas gnomes is stores and they really are incredibly cute so I was very happy to find out I could actually craft them myself. They’re not the easiest Christmas craft so the kids will probably need your help with this project. This is what you should prepare first: red felt, grey felt, wool (or faux fur), a swing needle, embroidery thread (red and black), scissors, a hot glue gun, pins and polyester filling. Everything else you need to know can be found on makefilmplay.

If you’re not really in the mood for complicated crafts that’s understandable so we also have a bunch of easy ones that you and the kids will love. For example, this snowman hat ornament featured on firefliesandmudpies is one of them. Each hat requires the following: 5 mini craft sticks, 2 regular ones, 3 red buttons, green felt, pinking sheers, craft glue, string, red and black acrylic paint and paintbrushes. You can actually replace the button and felt ornament with something else if you’d rather not copy this design entirely as it is.

These cute reindeer ornaments are also super easy to make. Each reindeer is made out of a slice of wood painted brown with googly eyes and a red pom-pom nose and antlers made of brown pipe cleaners. If you want to you can also draw a little mouth too. Before you let the kids have fun with this craft, drill a small hole in each wood slice so you can hang the ornament in the tree when it’s done. You can find additional details on dearcrissy.

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