Where there’s a mirror there’s usually also a bunch of little things that need to be in its close proximity, hence the need for a shelf. In the bathroom, the mirror shelf can hold things like toothpaste, makeup products, hair pins, lotions, perfume bottles or small vases and planters. The items aren’t always usable….a lot of times they’re purely ornamental. In any case, a mirror with a shelf is a great combo, suitable for a variety of spaces including bathrooms, entryways, hallways or even living rooms where they can function as wall accessories.

Bathroom mirrors with shelves are very common and very easy to come by so in a way it’s easier to opt for the combo than for a mirror with no accessories. A lot of times the mirror is attached to a back panel which acts like a frame with a shelf at the bottom.

The shelf is merely a sort of natural extension of the mirror in a lot of cases and very rarely it stands out. Most of the times it’s shallow and sleek, only wide enough to hold a tiny planter or a other small objects.{found on mdarch}.

A mirror with shelf suits every style. Of course, there are always design details to consider based on the chosen style but in essence this combo is highly versatile and adaptable. For symmetry, it can be interesting to have a shelf at the bottom and one at the top of the mirror.{found on jimtetro}.

This bathroom mirror is actually built into a wall niche which makes the actual wall its shelf. It’s a lovely design option which suits modern and contemporary bathrooms and which allows accent lights to be installed above the mirror or on the sides.

There are many cool ways to make the mirror shelf more than just a typical accessory. One idea, for example, can be to have a live edge wood shelf. It doesn’t have to match anything else in the room. It can be an eye-catching accessory with its own identity.

Can’t find a design that suits you? It’s entirely possible to actually build your own mirror and shelf combo and we have a lovely design suggestion for you. Check out remodelaholic to find out how this round mirror and its floating wooden shelf were were created and then make your own version of the project. We love the look and the overall simplicity of the design.

Some mirror shelves are more than just natural accessories and some are not even shelves at all. For example, check out Nudo which is a multifunctional wall hanging system for a variety of spaces, composed on a small mirror attached to a metal structure accessorized with small metal trays, leather pockets or simple rods which can be used in various different manners.

Check out another mirror with wall shelf, this time with a design that’s simple and classic. The metal frame is available in a variety of finish options including chrome, nickel, copper, gold or bronze and there’s even a version without frame that you can opt for.

The Filolucido wall mirror with shelf is another really cool option for modern or contemporary bathrooms although its use is not limited to this space only. The mirror is simple and frameless and the shelf is made of stainless shell with a front cover available in a set of different materials and finishes. The shelf can double as a rack.

This stylish bathroom mirror is part of the Fonte series designed by Monica Graffeo. The collection is inspired by the Japanese culture where everyday items are placed on display and contribute to the harmony of the space rather than being concealed, hence the mirror shelf which seamlessly molds into the frame.

Here’s another mirror from the same collection. Once again, the shelf and the frame are one and the same and here two light fixtures are part of the design as well. The shelf is minimal and slender but wide enough to hold all sorts of common items usually found in the bathroom.

Cut is a round wall-mounted mirror which comes with an attached shelf. The shelf is made of wood, thin and elegant. It’s available in walnut, oak or elm wood with a natural oiled finish. The mirror and shelf can be displayed in a variety of different space types such as the entryway, the bathroom, the dressing room but also the living room or the bedroom, given the right context.

As mentioned before, some mirrors have shelves that serve as much more than just a simple ledge for placing everyday items on. A nice example is the Alto mirror which features a painted MDF frame with a sleek bottom shelf that has a secret built-in storage compartment with a hinged lid.

Remaining in the sphere of multifunctional mirrors and shelves, we’re also suggesting Piers, an accessory composed on three elements, each with a simple and pure form and a different function. One element is a square panel with a knob which can serve as a coat hanger, the second one is a round mirror and the third is a storage shelf painted bright yellow. The design is both fun and convenient.

Last but not least, an oval wall-mounted mirror with a sleek shelf that wraps around its bottom line and which is embedded into a partial frame with slender and elegant curves which complements the Wonderland mirror in an asymmetrical manner. The frame and shelf are made of powder-coated steel.

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