The Maid Of Honor Wearing A Different Dress: 52 Cool Ideas

A maid of honor is a girl that is closer to you than others, your bestie, your sister or somebody else, who’s very important. You’ve heard of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but have you heard of the maid of honor wearing a different dress? It’s a hot trend that’s happening now and is a way to have her stand out from the bridesmaids. Offer your maid of honor to wear a dress of the same design but different color and maybe length to look special. Another way is to offer her a completely different dress, for example, a gold sequin one, while other girls are wearing emerald. I’m sure that your maid of honor will be happy to follow this trend and stand out from all the other bridesmaids. Here are visuals to show you how it looks!
Mismatching Maid Of Honor And Bridesmaid Dresses
Mismatching bridesmaid dresses are a hot trend, it’s a perfect way to give your bridal party an ultra-modern look. You can mismatch the dresses in various ways: go for the same dresses but in different colors, go for the same gowns but with various necklines, go for the same color palette but all different dresses…

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