Well-known for its exceptional take on children’s furniture, Circu is one of the brands that was present this January at Maison et Objet Paris. While there, we got to have a look at two of their new products that were inaugurated at the fair: the Sky B Plane bed and the TeePee Room from the Magical Furniture collection. But these aren’t the only exceptional products offered by this company for which the focus has always been on both quality and exceptional design. The desire to create furniture that can become a part of children’s magical worlds has inspired the brand to always innovate and to constantly come up with new and unique concepts and ideas.

New designs inaugurated at Maison and Objet.

The TeePee Room is a chic little tent that brings joy and style into both modern and traditional decors
The tent has a simple and chic design inspired by Traditional Indian TeePee homes
The new products were presented together with a few others from the Magical Furniture collection
The aviation theme was also explored and materialized in the form of a plane-shaped bed
The Sky & Plane bed has a beautiful vintage design with classical accents

Circu has always had this amazing ability to blend form and function and to create furniture and accessories that are both luxurious and charming, appealing to both children and their parents. This January the brand showcases two of their newest products, one of which is inspired by the traditional Indian tents and another shaped like a plane.

The Rocky Rocket

The Rocket features built-in light and sound systems which can both be controlled via a mobile app
Inside there’s a comfortable armchair upholstered in red velvet
The four engines hide storage compartments and the stairs double as drawers

Wanting to become an astronaut is a pretty big dream for a kid and it would be nice to encourage the idea is some way if possible. That’s what the Rocky Rocket is for. The rocket is built of fiberglass and wood and it’s a cool and really sweet play nook for kids. Looking at it, all you can see is the shiny bright color and how much floor space it occupies. A closer inspection reveals all sorts of hidden features.

The Fantasy Air Balloon

The Air Balloon can be used as either a bed or a sofa and it brings a touch of magic into the room.
Before you say it occupies a lot of space, take into consideration the drawers that are built into the bed

Now this is a bed that makes a statement. The Fantasy Air Balloon is a one-of-a-kind design with possible references in both Disney movies and classical stories. The basket portion is the actual bed and it’s made of wood, wicker and synthetic leather. But the thing that makes the bed stand out is the fiber silk balloon which is attached to the ceiling. Can you even imagine how it would be to sleep in this bed? As a kid, you can dream about all sorts of cool things and then the bed can become a chic piece for a teenage room decor.

The Little Mermaid

In a way, this is a magical version of a canopy bed but with more character

The Little Mermaid bed definitely has a magical touch to it. This shell-shaped bed weighs 383 kg but under the sea that’s not really a problem. This is the type of bed that most girls would really love and for good reason. Just look how beautiful and adorable it is. Of course, it’s also been designed with functionality in mind. The base is solid, durable and has smooth edges and the overhang comes with built-in accent lighting.

The Sky B Plane

The playful design makes this piece the perfect choice for the crib-to-bed transition
The design is not only accurate for the most part but very stylish as well and nicely customized as well
The bed is made using a combination of fiberglass, stainless steel, wood and rubber
There’s secret storage inside the bottom wings and the top wing can be used as a shelf
The interior is cozy and comfortable, padded and upholstered
The decorative suitcases are also storage compartments and they double as stairs for climbing up and down
The aviation-inspired design makes this bed a wonderful gift for the little pilots in your life

The Sky B Plane is the second new piece showcased at Maison et Objet this January. Its design is also inspired by a Disney movie: Planes. In case you haven’t figured out what it’s main function is, the plane is a bed. Of course, Circu never overlooks function so in addition to being really comfortable and cozy, the bed also offers quite a bit of storage. It’s easy to picture this cool plane in a boys bedroom or even in a girl’s room with a taste for adventure.

The Bun Van

The van is a classic, a symbol of freedom and adventure and on top of that it looks really cute
The entire concept of the bed as a standalone furniture piece was reinvented and integrated into something more complex

It’s mainly designed to serve as a bed but the Bun Van is actually a lot more than that. In fact, this is a sort of indoor playhouse that includes a bed, a sofa, a desk, a TV, several storage compartments and even a mini bar. All of these things are packed in the form of a van that looks a lot like the hippie bus from the Disney movie Cars. What else could you want in your room?

Teepee Room and Play

TeePee Room includes a bed, a storage area below and a secret compartment on wheels for storing toys
TeePee Play is smaller and serves as a tent/ playhouse. It’s a cozy space for kids to hide, play and read stories in
Both teepees look cozy and comfortable and any one of them can complete the room’s decor
Set on a wooden platform, this structure is actually pretty space-efficient in spite of its appearance

How about some Pocahontas-inspired beauty in your kid’s room decor? You can easily guess that we’re talking about the TeePee series which includes the TeePee Room and TeePee Play models. They’re both very cozy and designed using a combination of materials such as aluminum, acrylic, brass, wood, veneer and synthetic fur and leather.

The Gold Box

The gold leaf finish gives the box a glamorous look, adding some spark and flavour to the space

Remember Scrooge McDuck? He was the richest duck in the world and he was pretty funny. This toy box is inspired by the character. The chest is made of wood and designed to look like a pure gold brick. It has a secret compartment inside and a rotating cover.

The Magical Mirror

The mirror is meant to be mounted on walls and its frame is created using traditional carving techniques
The frame is made of wood and can have a silver leaf, pink or blue finish
The intricacy of the details gives the mirror a very elegant allure, worthy of a little princess

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Can you imagine actually getting a response to that? The Magical Mirror is inspired by that famous quote from Snow White although it doesn’t actually speak like in the story. Instead, it doubles as a TV. That’s right, this mirror really is magical.


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