An eco-friendly restoration turns a ramshackle shack into a magical seaside getaway in Australia.

In 2013, when Jamie Kwong and his wife Ingrid saw the “for sale” sign go up outside an old fisherman’s shack near their house, the two jumped at the opportunity. After all, the crooked little cottage wasn’t just any old beach property—Jamie first spotted it in a television commercial during the early 80s. Once the couple inadvertently discovered that the shack lay just across the bay from their home in Palm Beach, Australia, the modest fisherman dwelling continued to pique their curiosity for years to come.

The couple’s eco-friendly renovation process took 18 months.
The shack is only accessible via two ways: taking a boat across Pittwater Bay or hiking through the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.
Jamie and Ingrid stained the timber facade a dark blackish-brown to blend the shack into the landscape, but kept the window frames white for a stark pop of contrast.