The Link Up: An Instagram Feed Refresh, Holy Grail Jeans & Viral Pineapple Hacks

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It feels like lately, we’ve been starting every one of these Sunday emails with a “whew what a week!” vibe, and well…WHEW, WHAT A WEEK. So. Many. Shoots. You guys, we have so many fun projects in the works (furnishing and trying to shoot and reveal mountain house rooms, styling and shooting amazing homes for Emily’s upcoming book, designing a handful of reveals for MOTOs…we’re not tired, you’re tired). It was a fun week of blog posts for us, too, so be sure you didn’t miss the kids’ room reveal for the mountain house, Orlando’s parent’s family room makeover, or Friday’s big roundup of DIY ideas we got from YOU. Anyway, no need to ramble, it’s Sunday Funday after all, so let’s get to some fun…

-Want some inspirational “hipster minimal” design goodness?? Sara loves Sight Unseen for the newest and coolest on the scene.

-LA is still deep in its rainy season (don’t let anyone tell you it never rains in Southern California…it does) and Emily is thinking of scooping up these Chelsea rainboots from Target that are as attractive as they are affordable.

-So, so many thoughts on this whole college bribery scandal, and this article from Time about social media influencers and whether they have a better chance of admittance to university based on their following is…thought provoking to say the least.

-While we’re on the subject of footwear, Michael is urging you to run out and grab his new favorite Nikes (so cool and timeless). He said they sold out last year and people were selling them on eBay for double their price but THEY’RE BACK. Hurry, hurry!

-We’re all about geeking out over anything astrology, so smoosh that together with decorating, and we’re yours forever. Last month (though we’re just seeing it now…whoops), Refinery29 came out with this fun “colorstrology” piece that claims using colors related to your birth month can bring harmony home. Hmmm…

-Velinda coming in hot with gift ideas (a few weeks back, she recommend this great teen pick and frankly, we want it for ourselves). This week, she’s sharing this under $20 item her wife got from a friend they both really love. “It’s really simple, unique and pretty, plus it opens both beer and wine bottles…just good design.”

-For a new read, Ryann recommends Chasing the Scream. “It’s fantastic. It chronicles the way on drugs and will absolutely change the way you think about addicts and addiction itself. The author, Johann Hari, is insanely smart and even though it’s non-fiction, it reads like a novel.” 20/10 would recommend.

-We’ve all been pretty obsessed with Lostine as of late, but we have extra heart eyes for some of the pieces we’ve used in some recent styling projects, including these swoon-worthy wood boards (those handles…wowza).

-This home tour made Jess’s heart stop (those tiles and antiques!) and was a serious source of inspiration for her Makeover Takeover.

-Who out there has had a long affair with Nars Orgasm blush? Well, Arlyn said she found a SUPER inexpensive dupe she’s basically obsessed with now after moving away from Nars once they were no longer cruelty-free. This one is from Milani (cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny Certified), about $7, and has great controllable pigment. Save yourself $30 (perhaps to buy this decorative bowl Emily owns that we all still very much love?).

-Instagram feed feeling a little stagnant? Here are some of our new favorite follows: artist Lauren Mckenzie Noel for her striking artwork that feels so fresh, Arielle Estoria for her body positivity and general inspiration, Yellow Brick Home who are always working on some things at home and The Makerista for her constant flow of smart thrifting ideas.

-Another great follow (both on social and in the blogosphere) is Wit & Delight, but did you know they also sell great, affordable prints? Arlyn worked with them recently for art for her home makeover she’s working on. 8x10s are around $40, their paper quality is great and they also have framing options.

-For anyone looking for new “holy grail” jeans, Sara recommends these “wedgie” Levi’s. They’re her new favorite for that “essential ’90s” straight leg look. 

-And for a little fun…thoughts on this new “viral” way to eat pineapple?

See you all tomorrow! Xx


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