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The mountain house shoot is A WRAP (well, the shoot for the magazine, we’ll be going back to get more stuff for the blog rollout). The team is exhausted by exhilarated and we can’t wait to show you. While the team was partly on set, partly in the office, partly on vacation, we still managed to read, discover, and purchase things that we were itching to share with all of you (and hear what you guys are into as of late, too). Let’s dive in.

When Sara saw this garlic peeling hack (that has since gone viral), her mind was blown. Has anyone tried it?! Does it really work? A few of us have tried (and failed) so we are not convinced.

And speaking of garlic, this is not a link (well, sort of) but Arlyn wants to put out a PSA: if you’re not cooking with black garlic, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING? She first used it when she made the “Bet It All On Black Garlic Burger” from the Bob’s Burgers Cookbook and the black garlic aioli that goes on that burger is RIDICULOUS. Here’s the gist: a whole head of black garlic (she buys it at Trader Joe’s usually, but Whole Foods or other “specialty” stores have it), ½ cup of mayo, Sriracha, salt and pepper. Proceed to apply to anything that crosses your path, including old shoe leather and shards of tile, for all the mouthfeels.

Moving on to non-garlic related things, one of Emily’s favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is digging through sites like Chairish just to get the gears churning (she is very into their mid-century modern section recently). While sure, she might find something she would want to buy, it’s also a palate cleanser for her. She sees so much of the same thing on big-box retailer sites, so digging through a collection of vintage and antique pieces displayed in a clean way makes her think outside the box.

Sara finds this entire series on people’s salaries so interesting, informative and just plain juicy.

Grace is obsessed with this moisturizer right now. She says it smells AMAZING and makes her excited to actually wash her face every day/night so she can slather it on her face. 

Ryann discovered this Instagram account earlier this week and can’t stop staring at all the beautiful wash basins (and will from here on out always refer to sinks as wash basins).

Another Instagram account: Arlyn, who basically worships Eva Chen, saw her obsessed over Donté Colley’s feed and now she can’t stop but go to it every day to see what he’s up to. If your life needs a serving of uplifting inspiration mixed with humor and actually VERY good dance moves, go follow him ASAP.

Veronica just bought these pants that she says are “sooo comfy and come in three different colors.” She would wear them every day if she could. She suggests going a size up if you want a baggy fit because they do shrink in the wash.

Velinda and her wife Katie bought Katie’s dad this bucket tool organizer to carry his gardening tools and he loves it. It could be perfect for all the handy people in your life, too.

Jess has been non-stop listening to the podcast Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel. You may already know but Esther Perel is an internationally renowned relationship therapist, New York Times best-selling author and all around incredible woman. Her podcast features real-life couples going through counseling with her. It’s heartbreaking, riveting but also hopeful. Jess loves this quote of her’s, “Today, in the West, most of us are going to have two or three relationships or marriages, and some of us are going to do it with the same person.”

Emily (Bowser)’s cousin Leah lives in Charleston, South Caroline and she turned her on to this up and coming local (to her) artist, Katherine Dunlap. If you are looking for colorful and soulful art, look no further! She is particularly drawn to her pool scenes. She also recently did a collab with artist Chambers Austelle and their styles work together beautifully.

Alright, that is all we have for you beautiful people today. A short and sweet Link Up. See you tomorrow xx

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