Neal Schwartz and his team first visited the foothills and knew that they wanted their clients to experience nature through architecture, with operable floor-to-ceiling windows that would boast sweeping views of California’s Sonoma Valley. The property is surrounded by native Oak Trees lined with pale Spanish moss, also known as lace lichen, an organism after which the project is named. Like this natural element, which is extremely porous in nature, Schwartz wanted to mimic its attributes by creating an open house that celebrated the surrounding ecosystems.

The kitchen, dining, and living room share the same space, with an open floor plan that harmoniously joins the three together. In the dining room, five Pod pendants in Gray glass hang from a Matte White Linear-5 Multi-Pendant Canopy, complementing the neutral and natural palette of beige and wood tones. The lime chairs situated around the dining table add a pop of color, inspired by the greenery just beyond the home's interior.
Are you hanging multiple modern pendant lights like in this space? The Linear-5 Modern Chandelier offers an efficient way to combine any five light fixtures with a single electrical junction box. The glass color, pendant shape, cord length, and metal finish are up to the client, making each lighting installation truly unique and suitable for any design style.



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