The Libra woman is fair and brings both justice and balance to the table. She’s very sociable and has great communication skills. The Libra woman is well-known for her charm and how she can easily draw people to her.

The Libra woman is somewhere in-between rational and emotional, trying to balance between both. She’s a diplomatic woman who tries to listen to reason and common sense. The Libra woman wouldn’t mind admitting her mistakes if you talked to her with logic.

Libra Dates: September 24 – October 23

Element: Air

Libra Compatibility:  Aries, Gemini and Aquarius

Not Compatible with Libra: Virgo and Scorpio

Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline

Best Characteristics of the Libra: Diplomatic, Graceful, Idealistic, Peaceful

Worst Traits of the Libra: Indecisive, Self-indulgent, Superficial, Detached

Motto of the Libra: “I balance, therefore I am”

Libra in Love and Dating

The Libra woman makes for a great lover who understands her partner’s point of view, as she always tries to put herself in his shoes. She knows how to keep any situation calm, but in return she’s looking for a partner who can support her. The Libra woman doesn’t rush into an emotional relationship, she would much rather take her time, to be sure he’s the one and then goes all in. The Libra woman does whatever it takes to make her man happy, she’s faithful and a true romantic.

Libra and Work

The Libra woman is really dedicated to her work, and puts all of her effort into it. She enjoys working efficiently and makes a trustworthy colleague who never uses unfair strategies to get ahead of the line.

Libra and Friends

The Libra woman cares a lot about her friends and focuses on their needs. She knows exactly what they like and dislike, and whenever she plans anything they’re involved in, she makes sure to keep their preferences a priority. The Libra woman has a high sense of fairness towards the people around her, and loves to be surrounded by her family and friends.

Libra and Fashion

The Libra woman has a very feminine style and she knows how to dress for every occasion. Unlike many confused women out there, the Libra woman knows her style exactly. She doesn’t feel the need to follow the latest fashion trends, but only picks what suits her from them. She’s against over-accessorizing and loves simple jewelry. The Libra woman’s favorite choices in a wardrobe would be her bags and shoes, as they put her on top of the world. Fragrances are pretty important to her, after all she loves to smell good. You would often find the Libra woman in long layered hair with some highlights.

Main Image Credits: Red Carpet Fashion Awards