The latest crop of patterns from Vogue is here, and it seems like the internet has gone nuts.  So far it feels like the initial impressions are overwhelmingly positive.  Yes, I do think that there are a lot of great designs in this release, I don’t think I’m reaching quite the level of excitement that the rest of the internet seems to be.  To be blunt, I feel like I already have some variation of most of these patterns in my stash.  I expect I’ll add a few to the stash (there are some great designs here), but probably not quite so many as the initial oohing and aaaaaahing would have made me believe.  In any case, let’s take a look:


V1588 – Rebecca Vallance.  This dress reminds me very much of last year’s V1545.  The new pattern is perhaps a bit more wearable, with a much less daring neckline.  I like both of these styles, but I think I prefer the V1545 more; I like the back and the front is more interesting.  I’m sure I’d be more comfortable wearing V1588 though; it’d also be a lot easier to modify the neckline to create and entirely covered style if so desired.


V1591 – Rebecca Vallance.  I do really like this jumpsuit.  I just wonder if I need to add it to the stash?  I feel like I have similar versions elsewhere (Burda, New Look, etc.), which could be pretty easily modified to crate this lace up back.  I really love the proportions here though.  Hmmmmm.  It’s tempting.


V1589 – Guy Laroche.  When I saw the sneak peak of the back of this dress I was sure it’d be on my pattern wishlist, but seeing the front has convinced me otherwise.  I love the open back, and the cut of the skirt, but I’m not in love with the dangling ruffle on the front.  Sure, I could leave it off, but then the front of the dress is really boring.  I think I’ll give this one a pass; I like the back, but I don’t think I need it just for that aspect of the design.


V1577 – Guy Laroche.  I really like the use of fabrics in this dress.  It’s not exactly something I’d see myself wearing, but I do appreciate the design.


V1584 – Tracy Reese.  I really like this dress!  The simple asymmetric drape of the neckline is very pretty.  It’s a simple dress, but it looks comfortable and very pretty.


V1586 – Tracy Reese.  I also like this dress as well.  There is a level of sophistication here that is really intriguing.  I feel like it walks that line of being formal or casual; you could style it either way.


V1587 – Nicola Finetti.  It’s super short and super boxy; neither are good looks for me.  The drape of the arm ruffles is quite pretty, but the neckline is super low.  I feel like this is one of those looks that would be really great for people who have the body type of the model, but might not be easily functional otherwise.


V1585 – Rachel Comey.  I’m still not excited by overly boxy shapes, but I think this could be very comfortable to wear in summer, especially in a nice, cool linen.  The gathered circular inset is interesting.


1590 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  I really love the way this look is styled.  The jacket collars are interesting, and the much longer lace overlay on the skirt creates a very interesting effect.


V1583 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  I’m not as interested by the boxy top or pull on shorts though.  That shirt feels very cumbersome; the model is swimming in it.


V9317 – Marcy Tilton.  If I’d only seen the line drawing this would have been a total pass for me, but I think the drape of the tops is actually quite interesting a pretty.  I might add this to my list; it looks comfortable and like an interesting sew.


V9322 – Marcy Tilton.  I’m always intrigued by the Marcy Tilton style lines, even if I’m not always loving the silhouettes.  This is one of those cases; I think the mix of fabrics and prints could be really interesting, but I know this style ins’t something I’d be personally interested in wearing.


V9314 – Kathryn Brenne.  I feel like there have been several variations of these tie dresses lately, and all of them have been popular.  This seems like a dress pattern that could be very popular once the weather warms.


V9324 – Ron Collins.  There are some nice details on these shorts, from the welt pockets to the color blocked waistband.  Very stylish.


V9309 – Claire Schaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection.  This is one of those patterns I can absolutely appreciate (just look at all of those scallops!), but I’d really never wear.  I *really* hope some of the vintage pattern lovers out there try this out, because I’d love to see it.  Claire Schaeffer’s instructions are renowned for their detail, so I expect no less from this dress pattern.


V9323 – Elizabeth Gillet NYC.  I haven’t seen a lot of love for this pattern on the internet, and, yes, it looks pretty simple, but it also has some very pretty ways to use beautiful, silky fabrics.  The color blocked kimono is a great way to add style and polish to a look.


V9313 – Vogue Easy Options Custom Fit.  I really like this dress.  The wrap style neckline is pretty great, and I really like the diagonal buttons on the skirt; very fun detail.


V9312 – Very Easy Vogue.  Fairly simple dress, and the neckline looks super low, but I could see the appeal on a super hot summer day.


V9311 – Very Easy Vogue.  Another deep-V summer dress.  I do like the use of the prints in this pattern.


V9321 – Very Easy Vogue.  I felt like the front of this jumpsuit was pretty similar to some of the McCall’s offerings, but the back is a fun, unique detail.  I think I prefer the features from the McCall’s looks overall though.  Also, another super deep V-neck here.  It almost feels like V9253 was a super popular pattern, so now everything has this crazy deep V-neck going on.  I mean, I like a V-neck, don’t get me wrong.  But there are a *lot* of them in this release.


V9318 – Very Easy Vogue.  Because we couldn’t not have a ruffle top for a summer release.


V9319 – Very Easy Vogue.  I’m getting similar vibes to the recent McCall’s release with the wide-legged pant/crop top going on.  I do like the way the top/shorts combo is pictured, but I really don’t need to add a crop top to my wardrobe or stash.


V9320 – Very Easy Vogue Custom Fit.  Similar thoughts as above.  I think I prefer the drape of the V9313 pants to this pattern, but this appears to be drafted for a woven, and that waist treatment sure wouldn’t stay put in a jersey.


V9315 – Very Easy Vogue.  I, like everyone else, have fallen for that striped top.  So cute!  I think the other tops could be great to pair with a long skirt to create a fantastic evening look, but view C would be super cute for the summer.  This one is definitely on the list.


V9316 – Very Easy Vogue.  This feels as though it could be very boxy.  I’d be interested to see this one made up to see if it is quite as voluminous as the image suggests.


V9297 – Very Easy Vogue Custom Fit.  I feel like the waist line is a bit odd here.  It’s not quite high enough to be an empire waist, but it’s also sort of awkwardly not quite low enough to be at the true waist?  I could be wrong; this is another one that might look totally different made up, especially depending on fabric choice.


V9310 – Very Easy Vogue.  Pretty simple dress; the illustration really isn’t selling it to me.  I do think that it’s one that could be a surprise hit though; it’s simple and has sleeve ventilation for the summer.


V9306 – Very Easy Vogue.  I’m not that impressed by this pattern.  Again, the drawing could be very different from how actual fabric behaves, but I feel that there is just a lot of volume happening, and it all seems to awkwardly be extending from the armpits.


V93308 – TaFa.  These hats seem vaguely vintage inspired, but the brim is very practical for the summer sun.

And that’s it!  What did you all think?  Are you obsessed with this collection just as much as the rest of the internet seems to be?  Or are you a bit more reserved in your praise?  Do you feel like these looks are quite similar to the recent McCall’s release?  Or are you anxiously awaiting a sale?  Feel free to give your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

Summer 2018 Vogue Patterns #sewing #VoguePatterns #summersewing

The latest crop of patterns from Vogue is here, and it seems like the internet has gone nuts. 


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