A home decorator will help distill your tastes and ideas into a design that suits the needs of your space.  If I asked you where this home was located, the last place you’d probably guess would be Iran. Located in Mohammad Shahr region, near Karaj, Iran is full of beautiful projects. Now, we present you the latest trends in architecture and design in Iran. With high ceilings and large glass walls, the house is spaced out perfectly and provides great views of the garden. The interior is just as brilliant as the exterior. Marble floors, along with wooden tables and white walls give the house a classic and warm feel – all while being very modern. Enjoy our article about the latest beautiful modern homes in Iran!

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Villa 131 by Bracket Design Studio

Designed by Bracket Design Studio in 2016, Villa 131,  located in Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran, is the kind of structure that catches the attention of passersby on the street outside due to it’s unique structure and design. Built from study concrete blocks, the pattern of how the walls have been layered shows on the surface of the outer walls, giving the home a beautifully modern industrial appearance.

Aleshtar Architectural Office Remodels a Home in Isfahan, Iran

This project, undertaken by Aleshtar Architectural Office in 2016, is located in Isfahan, Iran. The total area consists of approximately 1,500 m2 and extends over dense forests, with the main construction centered in the middle. Its remodeling took into account the preservation of the trees surrounding the structure. As such, they used a number of different roads around the vast garden that leads from one side of the construction site to the other.

MehrShahe Villa designed by Hooba Design.

MehrShahe Villa is a residential project designed by Hooba Design and was completed in 2016. Hooba Design Creates a Home with a strong relationship to its surroundings in Alborz Province, Iran. “The Initial idea of this project was to design a 330 m2 (3,552 ft2) villa in a 3 hectares private yard facing a lake. One of the main criteria was to create spaces that are closely engaged with the surrounding landscape, an uninterrupted connection between the interior and the exterior to form a structure which becomes a part of the site itself.

One of the main criteria in the design process was to maximize the amount of sunlight exposure. Two sets of skylights were implemented, one over the main staircase and the other at the vertical gap between the two roofs. Moreover, transparent dividers implemented parallel to the vertical skylight increase sunlight penetration to spaces not directly connected to the skylight. The main function of the horizontal skylight over the main staircase was to provide natural winter heating. This skylight could be shaded in summer to prevent excess sunlight exposure. In section, these systems enable sunlight penetration in three directions: vertical, horizontal, as well as diagonal.”


White Cube Atelier Designs a Spacious Home in Damavand, Iran

Villa Mavi is a private home located in Damavand, Tehran Province, Iran. Completed in 2015, it was designed by White Cube Atelier. The building had to be erected on a 10% steep terrain, hence why it was built as a combination of three distinct cubes — with one of them being buried into soil.The interior exudes a minimalist vibe, with yellow contrasting from every corner. Geometric lines on the ceiling, a beautiful glass staircase and plenty of green in its “yards” make this house a true dream home for its dwellers.

Ground floor is formed at the level of the south yard. Basement is located at level of the middle yard and is connected to the upper yard by ramp and stairs. The third yard is at the lowest level; so the entire volume is a combination of 3 cubes. A part of the lowest cube is buried into soil whereas to the north the swimming pool and sport facilities open to the middle yard, it also forms a terrace related to the living room. The middle cube is divided to two shifted part; western part –including rooms- is oriented to the Mount Damavand and as a cantilevered box has created a big terrace for the 1st floor. Eastern part, housing the kitchen, is shifted toward the south yard and the main entrance. The highest cube is added to integrate the whole building. The interior exudes a minimalist vibe, with yellow contrasting from every corner. Geometric lines on the ceiling, a beautiful glass staircase and plenty of green in its “yards” make this house a true dream home for its dwellers.

Villa Kiani by Makan Rahmanian and Kamran Heirati

Makan Rahmanian and Kamran Heirati has completed the Villa Kiani project in 2010. This 5,400 square foot three bedroom, three bathroom residence is located close to Karaj city in the region of Mohammad Shahr, Iran. In this project the open exterior spaces are as significant as the interiors. The architects accomplished this by eliminating any suggestive distance between outside and inside. The result became a series of voids and volumetric projects that capture and define the landscape. Continuous views towards the X, Y and Z axis’s were created and the main spaces are organized between transparent layers extended by voids or semi-covered balconies.

Villa In Darvishabad by Pouya Khazaeli Parsa

This project is a spatial dialog between traditional Persian Architecture and aspects of modern architecture. It creates an architectural space through the incorporation of modern architecture tenets with traditional Persian architecture. Iranian architect Pouya Khazaeli Parsa has designed the Villa in Darvishabad project for his own wife. Completed in 2010, this contemporary single family home is located in Darvishabad, a small village in Mazandaran Province, Iran.


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