A vacation in a remote, unpopulated location can turn out to be exactly what you need once in a while, just to recharge your batteries and refresh your mind. So where would you go? We hear Thailand is pretty great. It has a gorgeous resort called Keemala Hotel which is the rainforest, in an isolated area which is 40 minutes from the Phuket International Airport.

This is a resort that welcomes its guests in elevated pods that rise above the tree canopies
The pods are spread among the trees and each enjoys its privacy in a unique way
The villas are also designed to blend in and they each have their own private pool

The resort was a major project by Stone Design. The architects structured it into a series of villas and pods that overlook the lush surroundings as well as the Andaman Sea. The villas are of four different types. There’s the Clay Pool Cottage, the Tent Pool Villa, the Tree Pool House and the Bird’s Nest Pool Villa. Each type differs from the others in terms of size, form and structure. Some of them look like chic little cottages while others look like suspended pods or tree houses.

The entire resort is like a peaceful oasis, a serene and tranquil retreat
Hanging chairs are placed by the pool, inviting guests to relax and enjoy the experience
The interior designs of the pods are simple and at the same time luxurious

Each villa has its own private pool and terrace as well as a beautiful view of the sea in the distance. They’re all connected by a network of walkways that run through the jungle. Their designs are beautiful inside and out, being inspired by their location and surroundings. The architects and the designers used natural and local materials to make the pods and villas blend with the landscape and to immerse the resort’s guests in nature.

Canopy beds face the terrace and offer the most wonderfully relaxing views
Although the furnishings are simple, the attention to detail makes the interior looks glamorous
The suites are welcoming and cozy, being equipped with all the basic features and more

Whether you choose to stay in one of the elevated pods or in one of the villas that sit on the ground, you can be sure you’ll have a wonderfully relaxing experience. Furthermore, the resort invites its guests to enjoy classes of yoga, pilates and meditation, to visit the spa or to explore the surroundings via the running trails.

The decor is quite glamorous in the bathrooms which feature a mixture of eye-catching finishes and textures
Natural materials are highlighted throughout the interiors and include wood and stone

The Keemala Hotel is the winner of the Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces category of the AHEAD Asia Awards, the 2017 edition. It’s an awards that puts an emphasis on the immersive ambiance and the beauty that surrounds the resort.

The color palette is inspired by nature and mostly includes earthy tones combined with blue and green accents
The guests are also invited to visit a restaurant that serves delicious and organic dishes

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