Headboard is a statement feature in a bedroom. Many different types are being considered for different spaces such as contemporary, minimal, industrial, sustainable, classic and many more. Using the right headboard can be the key creative feature of your room that you need to lift the room and give it some character.

Headboard also can provide back support, a buffer against a cold wall and also help you with Feng Shui! One of the most often recommended Feng Shui adjustments to your bedroom is having a solid headboard for your bed. It is believed that a headboard gives you the sense you have ‘a safe and strong mountain at your back as you sleep’. It is also said that a strong headboard creates a safe space for intimacy and connection.

There are a lot of more importance and benefit of headboard in many books and online sources. In this post, we are going to bring some inspirational king size headboard for you who are looking for ones. Let’s take a look at the ideas we’ve already collected below. Enjoy!

1. Gray Buttoned King Size Headboard

If you already had a calm bedroom interior with gray as the dominant color, your king size bed might be good to have one of this gray buttoned headboard. It  will give you the comfort and functionality to the room.

King Size Headboards Ideas 1
Image via background-pictures.picphotos.net

2. Dark Gray Buttoned King Size Headboard

Or you need to emphasize the beauty of your existing room with a lot of natural color such as brown colors? You’ll need a contrasting color headboard but still in the same tone as the existing room color, just like the idea of king size headboard below.

King Size Headboards Ideas 2
Image via www.vizimac.com

3. Rectangle Wooden Headboard in Modern Look

Take the warm and relieving look from wooden color and texture in modern way. Take a look and adopt the idea below to have a less-boring king-size bedroom look.

King Size Headboards Ideas 7
Image via www.1stdibs.com

4. Modern Textured Black King Size Headboard

Here comes the idea of monochrome styled room with king size headboard to make a room statement. If you want to have one, adopt the idea below, modern textured black king size rectangle headboard that will emphasize the beauty of your room.

King Size Headboards Ideas 8
Image via royalhylands.com

5. King Size Arch Rattan Headboard

Need a simple and warn look for a room? It is okay to have a headboard in in rattan material, just like the idea below. Warm colored king size arch shaped rattan headboard that will make a modest bedroom style but still look beautiful.

King Size Headboards Ideas 10
Image via www.wickerparadise.com

6. Multi-functional King Size Headboard

Do you love to watch movie or read books on the bed? This multi-functional king size headboard might be a wonderful idea for you to have. With a couple of built-in arm rest and lamp on each, every activity would be so much easier.

King Size Headboards Ideas 13
Image via www.1stdibs.com

7. Wooden Pallet Rectangle Headboard

Look at this idea of wooden pallet rectangle headboard. Really good for you who want to combine the natural and modern concept in one headboard idea.

King Size Headboards Ideas 14
Image via www.houzz.com

8. Tall Padded Headboard

Give a little bit dramatic height to your bed by installing this tall wall mounted headboard. With comfortable pad, it will easily give you a double comfortable backrest.

King Size Headboards Ideas 4
Image via vizimac.com

9. Wall Mounted King Size Rectangle Headboard

You can also adopt this idea of wall mounted king size rectangle headboard. With white tufted style, and good color combination, it will make a super comfortable and functional bedroom for you to take a comfortable nap.

King Size Headboards Ideas 5
Image via stylishhomedesignideas.blogspot.com

10. Carved Wood King Size Headboard

In Ancient Egypt, archaeological evidence suggests that headboards were created for a practical purpose, acting as a barrier against draughts to keep us warm whilst we slept. If you want to bring a touch of that times to your bedroom? You can take the inspiration from the idea below.

King Size Headboards Ideas 6
Image via www.conniehogarth.org

11. Elegant Black Velvet Rectangle Headboard

Make your room super elegant and comfortable with this idea of king size headboard. With elegant black velvet in rectangle shape, you can change the whole concept of the room with your bed as the focal point of the room.

King Size Headboards Ideas 9
Image via www.vizimac.com

12. Tall Dark Brown King Size Padded Headboard

Another choice of tall wall mounted headboard. With a little touch of elegant lighting at the bottom and the brown colored pad, it easily turn your bedroom into an elegant one.

King Size Headboards Ideas 11
Image via slodive.com

13. Over Bed King Size Headboard

Have you ever wondered that a headboard can also connected to your ceiling and make it over your bed? Look at the idea below, and perhaps you would love to have it for your bedroom.

King Size Headboards Ideas 12
Image via www.stroovi.com

The main thing that catches the eye in a bedroom will always be your headboard. Whether you are choosing a headboard for decorative reasons or just for its functionality, it is key that there is a flow in the room. So, choose your favorite idea of king size headboard, and make it yours!

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