The Barcelona chair is an iconic piece, the materialization of the “less is more” concept and an important product of the modern movement. It was designed in 1929 by Ludwig van der Rohe and Lilly Reich for event in Barcelona and it’s been redesigned in 1950 to feature a stainless steel frame and an overall smoother appearance. Until then, it’s been manufactured in limited production in the U.S. and Europe. After that, in 1953 the creators ceded the rights to the design to Knoll and that’s when the Barcelona chair became even more popular. A lot of replicas can be found on the market today as the design is also made by other manufacturers and sold under different marketing names.

Being such an iconic and popular piece with such a timeless and versatile design, the Barcelona chair is loved by a lot of interior designers who introduce it in lots of different environments. Here, for example, you can see a couple of these chairs in a residence designed by John Maniscalco Architecture in San Francisco.

Another design that shows just how versatile and timeless the Barcelona chair is can be seen in the Necklace Residence by REX. This is a home designed for three generations and these are the chairs that harmonize it all.

The Barcelona chair is no stranger to contemporary interior designs, as you can see here in the case of this spectacular residence designed by A-cero. The minimalism that defines the interior spaces is elegantly complemented by the classical beauty of the chair and its matching ottoman.

One element that makes the Barcelona chair such a versatile and popular piece of furniture is its well-balanced design which allows it to be simple, good-looking and comfortable, all at the same time. This allows designers to put the spotlight on the chair, using it in all sorts of spatial configurations. Here, for example, you can see it used as a lounge chair in front of a fireplace, together with a matching ottoman. This is a house renovated by Bruns Architecture.

The timeless and iconic design of the Barcelona chair makes it excellent for renovated spaces and for building transformations. A nice example is this villa/ hotel in Sicily which was transformed into a 1800’s historical building into a contemporary getaway by Architrend Architecture.

You can’t really go wrong with these chairs, not even when you’re designing a trendy apartment like this lost in Toronto. The interior was a project by Rad Design Inc. This is the living room, a stylish space with a minimalist yet cozy decor and an eclectic array of materials and textures.

You can find the stylish Barcelona chair in a variety of colors, including this beautiful shade of brown which suits the interior of this house in California perfectly. The earthy tones used here by Ehrlic Architects contrast nicely with the white and gray tones that surround them.

In the case of the Desert Nomad House designed by Rick Joy in Arizona, the living area has a vey diversified chromatic palette, with most of the color accents concentrated on the patterned area rugs. As a result, the chairs and their matching ottomans don’t really stand out but rather blend in.

We find this particular color to be especially attractive. We’re talking about the beige Barcelona chair featured in the J2 Residence designed by assemblageSTUDIO in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s a color that’s simple and neutral but with a lot of charm and character, a color that mages the chair look very comfortable.

One thing that makes the Barcelona chair such a beloved piece of furniture is its comfortable seat and the overall ergonomic construction. Its design is the perfect combination of looks and comfort and that makes it ideal for living rooms and entertainment areas like the one designed by Bates Masi Architects for this coastal residence in Sagaponack, New York.

The same iconic chair was used by VGZ Arquitectura when they designed the V9 residence, a house located in Mexico City. A pair is displayed under the floating staircase, establishing a cozy seating area open to the rest of the floor plan.

The most common use for this timeless piece of furniture is as an accent chair or additional seating in living rooms. A lot of times the chair is used in pairs or larger sets, sometimes in combination with the ottoman with which it shares the same design characteristics. The living room of the Washington Park Residence designed by Sullivan Conard Architects could be an example.


In addition to the common black, brown and beige, the Barcelona chair also comes in an array of other more eye-catching colors like this shade of red chosen for the living area designed by David Ramirez Arquitectos for the Lake in the Sky residence, a house located in Antioquia, Colombia.

Usually a chair is used in combination its matching ottoman for increased comfort but, in some cases, the ottoman alone can be all the room needs to feel complete. It’s also possible to use chairs and ottomans that don’t share the same design or even the same style. Have a look at this Pew York penthouse designed by John Pawson for inspiration.

A lot of times we stay away from white as a color for things like the sofa or the chairs in the living room or the dining area. Although other colors may be more practical in some cases, white simply looks amazing. You can see that in design created by Widawscy Studio Architektury for a house in Zabrze, Poland.

Black, on the other hand, is a much more popular color when it comes to furniture. It’s extremely versatile, practical and easy to match with anything. These two Barcelona ottomans fill the hallway nicely, adding a plus of comfort to the space without interfering with its minimalist chromatic palette. This is just a small section of the design created by HVH Architecten for a house in Keerbergen, Belgium.

In the case of this house in Monaco renovated by Federico Delrosso Architects, the thing that impresses the most is the openness of the space and its airy and relaxed feel. It’s the result of a well-thought design which puts together elements such as acrylic tables, a polished concrete floor and a stylish Barcelona chair with light beige upholstery.

Black is a safe accent color. You can always count on it, whether you choose it for a sofa, an area rug or a pair of comfortable chairs. This living room has just the right amount of color, pattern and texture to feel very cozy and inviting and at the same time to remain bright and open.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a toned down chromatic palette either. A black Barcelona chair, for example, can look elegant in a living room when paired with a beige or brown sofa and a decor defined by warm tones of wood and touches of black and white in various forms. What we’re describing now is actually the design of the Edgewater Residence by Rosenow | Peterson Design.

Studio 7XA Taller De Arquitectura gave the Uro House a similarly well-balanced and inviting living room. They included two Barcelona chairs in the design, pairing them with a three-seater sofa with fabric upholstery and a glossy white coffee table.

Of course, the Barcelona chair looks exquisite when paired with other iconic pieces such as the Noguchi table. That’s actually a combination chosen by Domenack Arquitectos for the S House, a private residence that they designed by Lima, Peru.

There’s usually room for an accent chair in a large living room or in an open plan social area. Since that chair would stand out and even serve as a focal point of attention, it’s worth investing in something iconic and classic.

We really love the contrast that FFWD Arquitectos created here by putting a pair of slick and stylish Barcelona chairs in the corner of this bedroom defined by exposed brick and stone walls.

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