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So New Year’s Eve is on its way and you are trying to choose an outfit. You want something that will express the 2019-you. You have made your list of goals. You are ready to take yourself to a new level in every area of your life. What kind of New Year’s Eve outfit should you choose? What outfit would reflect all of your hopes and dreams for the New Year? Here are some of the hottest New Year’s Eve outfits for 2018.

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018

The Head-Turning Jumpsuit

We love the idea of the jumpsuit for New Year’s Eve. It is effortlessly trendy. It also makes an instant, easy outfit that is forever versatile. You can wear it to New Year’s Eve and you can also wear it out to Sunday brunch with the ladies. For those of you who are too busy making a New Year’s goals list, we give you the idea of the jumpsuit to simplify your life. A jumpsuit instantly elevates any style. We are forever loving this sparkly jumpsuit. Feel free to pair it with a leather jacket or a fur vest. No matter your final ensemble, you will be turning heads when you walk into the room.

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018


The Subtle Sparkle

We don’t hate the sparkly outfits for New Year’s Eve. However, we believe in reinventing overdone styles, turning them into new modern iconic staples. We love the idea of the “subtle sparkle”. We advocate taking a sparkly piece and matching it with a subtler piece of clothing. A sequin skirt with a subtle top will really balance your outfit. There are many ways to make a “subtle sparkle” at any New Year’s Eve party. This outfit says, I’m a fun & fierce individual who will conquer next year. And I’m going to do it in heels.

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018

Bohemian Comfort

While your friends are suffering in their LBD’s, you can stroll by confidently in comfort. Try a tea-length skirt or a maxi skirt for your New Year’s Eve night. The great thing about these skirts is that they are comfortable. You don’t need to worry about drinking too much champagne or eating too much chocolate. It is visually impossible to appear bloated in this outfit, because your skirt is flowing and fabulous. Bring in the new year with a relaxed body and state-of-mind, in a boho skirt outfit. We love the idea of pairing a maxi skirt with a crop top and suede jacket. You can pair a tea-length faux-leather skirt with a long sleeve top. You are sure to be comfy and chic in this outfit.

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018


The Power Suit

What better way to start off the New Year than in a power suit. We aren’t talking about a dreary, black suit. This isn’t a funeral, after all. We’re talking about the new and improved modern suit, for the empowered woman. Join the festivities in a colored metallic suit. Dance the night away in a velvet suit. You can get creative and pair a black suit pant and a sequin jacket. A suit is a surprising and chic outfit to pull out of the closet on New Year’s Eve. If there was ever a night to take a fashion risk, it would be New Year’s Eve.

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018

The Silk Dress

Dresses are everywhere as New Year’s Eve approaches. If you decide to wear a dress, try wearing one that isn’t sequins or sparkles. A classic spin on the New Year’s Eve dress is the silk dress. The silk dress can be made edgy with a jacket and belt. You could make your outfit feel more old-world with a cashmere shawl. The wonderful thing about a good dress is that it goes with anything. This silk dress will go with every hopeful wish you have for the new year.

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018


Body Jewelry

An easy way to dress up and outfit you may already have!

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018



Sequin Dress

This classic look never disappoints and is sure to give you a great Instagram.

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018


Long Sleeve Lace

A long sleeve lace dress is a sexy option for a cold night.

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018



Can’t commit to sequins? Try velvet! It’s a great way to shimmer without blinding.

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018


Sexy Tops

Keep it more casual with a sexy top!

The Hottest New Year's Eve Outfits For 2018


What are your favorite New Year’s Eve outfits? Will you try any of these New Year’s Eve outfits? Tell us in the comments!

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