Last year, Danish design brand Fredericia has visited Børge Mogensen’ former house just north of Copenhagen. Børge Mogensen has designed so many beautiful furniture pieces for the brand, so the brand decided to honor his immense talent and the role this house played in this life. 

Mogensen designed the house together with architects Arne Karlsen and Erling Zeuthen Nilsen. Although, it appears that Mogensen did most of it single-handedly. Mogensen lived in the house, with his wife Alice, for 15 years and assembled it to fit most of his iconic designs. 

Soon, the house got the nickname, “the laboratory”, as it became the place where Alice designed fashion and Mogensen experimented with prototypes for his furniture. The prototypes were always tested by the whole family and were to be found all over the house. Only when the kids were able to jump the couches and everyone could sit on the chairs would they be considered “approved”. 

Mogensen, curious as he is, would often be contemplating about all kinds of improvements to his work. This kept him forever busy with trying to make the furniture and designs more flawless and complete. The house itself, but also the way Mogensen lived, was unpretentious. Just as Mogensen wanted us to live our own lives …


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