The Guatemalan Goats’ Love Shack

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; give him a chance to take his goat to the love shack, and his family will have fresh milk forever more.

I’m in Guatemala, scouting for a new public television special about hunger, hope, and development — and I just found another example of a smart NGO making a big difference. By sharing know-how and capital, they’ve kickstarted a local business and helped villagers supplement a simple diet with dairy.

Exploring this humble yet thriving enterprise, I saw a vivid example of the vast potential in turning loose the pent-up energy of countries south of our border. Standing among those goats, I saw what can happen when you mix together a little American brain power, love, and money. That used to be the American model, and the American inspiration — but today, fear has got our goat.

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