The Grey House is a contemporary L-shaped house located in Sossano, Italy, designed in 2020 by Giorgio Parise.


At the foot of the Berici Hills immersed in a park of 5000 square meters, the villa adopts an L-shaped plant with bodies of different heights and integrated by a further presence containing the accessory spaces. Also here the compositional rigor conveys all the needs of fruition, space and technological requirements, in simple forms – almost elementary – where the materiality of the elements constituting the envelope developed by Antonello Finiture according to the designer’s design is emphasized. The presence of trachyte – the main element of the Berici and Euganean Hills – is here proposed in gigantic boulders left rough to contrast with the finished Lapitec and Parklex slabs. Inside, Minuzzo Pavimenti was able to develop a mine of specially designed details that compose and define the various paths, the living and sleeping areas, the places for relationships and relaxation including the Spa. Water tanks and a large swimming pool complete the relationship of the house with the outside thanks to the contribution of specialized companies while the park has been entrusted to the special care of Simeoni Piante with designs and collaborations with the architect.

Photography courtesy of Giorgio Parise

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