Melbourne Design Week 2021 Video Highlights


With immense pleasure, giddy excitement, and an enormous sense of pride, I share our Melbourne Design Week 2021 video highlights with you. Simply put – this event was an experience like no other and for a couple of reasons.

It was my first time attending Melbourne Design Week. Historically, I was entirely preoccupied with our trips to Milan and the subsequent epic coverage of Salone and Design Week at this time of year. I could never make it down to Melbourne in late March/ early April to witness the design event that’s steadily been building into something quite remarkable over the last five years.

Then there’s the good ol’ pandemic. Although Australia is killing it by global standards regarding the state of our public health, the pandemic has left lasting effects on us all. Especially for Melbournians who endured a gruelling 112-day lockdown. I honestly don’t think any of us truly realised just how much we missed being able to connect with our peers and the greater design community in person – just being together, having a chat, a laugh, a hug. Oh, the hugs!


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Melbourne Design Week 2021 Video Highlights Yellowtrace


If there’s one thing I will remember about MDW21, it’s the enormously powerful collective sense of renewed purpose and meaningful conversations.

Everyone’s smiles were wider, hearts much softer, hugs substantially tighter, eyes a bit tearier. But perhaps that’s just me.

I hope you enjoy this special spotlight on our wonderful Australian design community and some of their thoughts on this event and also what’s ahead. I mean, talk about major VIBES! 💘


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“What’s really happened in the last five years is that Melbourne’s become this ginormous behemoth of design culture and community. And if you think about it from the cultural perspective, the output in Melbourne now is phenomenal.” – Dale Hardiman.


Melbourne Design Week 2021 Video Highlights


I want to thank all the designers, curators and artists for welcoming us with so much love and enthusiasm this year, and to NGV for having us do what we do best (even if I say so myself). This trip honestly felt like a homecoming and a much-needed dose of design and inspiration.

This may have been my first ever visit to Melbourne for Design Week, but it’s safe to say it won’t be my last.

By the way, keep an eye out for a separate, more in-depth dive into MDW21 very soon.

Always, Mama Yellowtrace xx


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[Video by Tommy Devy.]


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