As a child, decorating our bedrooms was usually a source of enjoyment and creativity. It was the only place where we could reflect our inner selves through whatever colors or themes we chose. As we’ve grown up we still make decorating decisions based on how we want a room to make us feel, but those desired feelings change. Instead of bright exciting colors, we want our bedrooms to make us feel relaxed. After all, when the world out there is such a crazy place, it’s nice to have a calm space to wake up to and lay your head at the end of the day. The paint color for your bedroom is a very important decision to achieve this goal. There are four colors in particular which are great choices for creating a soft relaxing space to sleep. Take a look at the four best paint colors for bedrooms and decide which works best in yours.

No. 1: Blue

When you thought “bedroom paint colors“, blue was probably the first to come to mind. And you’re not wrong. Blue is one of the most relaxing colors on the spectrum so head to the blue swatches in the paint aisle. You might find that a pale cool blue is just what your bedroom needs.

How about a dusky blue to really show off your bedrooms other features? If you have any white furniture or even white trim, a blue that’s just a shade darker than pastel will help you set off those creamy tones.

Whether your bedroom is rustic or country or even modern, a royal blue on the walls can help tie all your extra colors together. You have to admit that it’s the perfect choice for a beachy bedroom too.

Yes, we can go even darker than that and still have a winner. Navy blue is almost a neutral in today’s decor trends so you won’t go wrong by painting your bedroom with it. It will make your space feel a bit cave like and definitely cozy.

If you’re still drawn to bright colors, then by all means, take the plunge. Paint your bedroom a bright turquoise that makes your heart happy each time you wake up or go to bed. Following your design tastes will make you happier than following any rules.

No. 2: Green

You’ve probably heard before that green is a relaxing color. So it just makes sense to paint your bedroom in the shade. A pastel green is perfect for a country bedroom with it’s wood elements and floral prints.

The soft shade is also perfect for more traditional bedrooms. It’s dark enough to show off your crown molding and other elements that you find in an old home, but light enough to make you sigh with happiness when you turn in for the night.

How about a master bedroom in mint green? It will definitely be trendy enough to flow with the rest of your home. And you can choose whatever patterns you like because most of them have green in them anyway.

When you’re in love with green but wanting an option that’s a bit more playful than the pastel choice, you need to consider the light apple green shade. It’s the perfect mix of bright and calm to make your bedroom the happiest room in the house.

Of course green doesn’t need to be nursery worthy. Go for an emerald green to make a lasting impression. Your bedroom will suddenly seem exotic and far away, almost like you went on vacation each time you go to bed.

No. 3: Gray

Gray is a lovely color that is extremely calming. Being a neutral color, it gently lulls you to sleep in it’s warmth like being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. But it also lets the rest of the room speak for itself which is helpful when you like to focus on your wall decor rather than the wall.

The light shades of gray are a great option for all kinds of rooms. Even your kids can benefit from the neutral tone as they grow and experiment with styles in their own bedrooms. You won’t have to repaint every few years which is a bonus.

If you prefer the cooler grays, a blue gray bedroom is for you. Let your comforter bring you warmth, your space will love the cool and calm feeling of a blueish neutral. Especially in the summertime when you’re showering twice a day.

Modern decor lovers, gray paint solves your bedroom problem. It provides enough change from the white walls in the rest of your home to help your body wind down at the end of the day without breaking from your modern vibes.

Let’s talk about dark gray. While you might be hesitant at first, you’ll find it’s a smokey moody shade that you can easily fall in love with. And still being in the neutral family makes it simple to switch up your decor accents whenever you’re ready.

No. 4: White

White is a great color for the bedroom, believe it or not. It’s so fresh and invigorating in the morning and at night, soft and relaxing. The natural light of day makes your space feel airy while the accent lamplight at night gives off a warm glow.

Maybe you have a fun accent piece you’d like to have in your bedroom but you need to decide on a wall color. White is the answer. No matter what colors or patterns you add, it will always match and you will never need to repaint.

Sometimes the wooden pieces that accompany rustic decor can make your room feel heavy and cluttered. However when you have white walls, you achieve a balance that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise.

Small bedrooms also receive great benefits from white walls. Since it bounces light better than any other shade, it will easily illuminate all your dark corners that even the chandelier light won’t reach.

You might not have thought about guest room paint colors as in depth as this, but if your guest doesn’t have a taste for green, your green guest room will not be as relaxing as possible. Better safe than sorry because no one can dislike white.

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