To answer a few questions I’ve received since making these DIY heater covers a few months ago, I thought I might as well give them an entire post! So, so easy to make guys, with a base sort of like these ones I made years ago. I bought the rattan in Stockholm, a shop called Slöjddetaljer, where you could buy it by meter. You can get genuine rattan like I got, or go for a synthetic version which is a bit cheaper! The frame is made from basic wooden batten, with a bit of a decoration but this can be whatever you like. You can se above, the picture at the bottom left, how the battens are cut and assembled with L-fastening. 

Before cutting the rattan to required size, it is important to soak it in water so it’s easier to ensure that the rattan is properly stretched when fastening it to the frame (I did not, and as a result, it did get a bit wobbly when I got it wet through painting it!). Next, simply use a stapler to attach the rattan to the frame while stretching it, and finalize by cutting the excess off with a tapestry knife!

These really made our living room ‘come together’, it’s so easy to forget ugly details like heaters that contribute a lot to the overall appearance of a room!

If you guys have any more questions, please just drop me a comment!



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