The Fall/Winter Kwik Sew Patterns have been announced!  Kwik Sew is one of those brands that I used to love, but have been increasingly unimpressed with since it got bought up by McButtVogue.  At first glance I was not at all excited by this collection, but upon further inspection, there are a few patterns I might consider adding to the stash.  I don’t know what it is with the Kwik Sew styling, but I will say, line drawings help.  Let’s take a look:

K4253 – I find this coat much more interesting when it utilizes the contrast for the yoke and cuffs.  I do wish it had a proper collar though, I think that would help this style a lot.  It is nice to see a Big4/1 pattern with pockets in the front princess seams instead of in the side seams – so much more practical with this positioning.

K4255 – The more I look at this coat, the more I really like it.  The color blocking is cool, not too crazy, and a fun way to utilize smaller amounts of coating fabrics.  Plus it isn’t too tailored, so it should be pretty easy to sew aside from the color blocking designs.

K4252 – I am so over the giant ruffle sleeves.  Like, how this gonna keep your arms warm during the winter, like, at all?

K4251 – I think the tank is the perfect tank top pattern – it’s a great little scoop neck and a nice length.  To be honest, I’d consider picking this up just for that.  The jackets look really boxy, but I think view B could actually be really lovely in a very drapey fabric.

K4254 – I wish the back had a bit more shaping, but the asymmetric coat with the hood is another cute style that would be a fun casual look for fall.  I’m not too into the fuzzy vest, but if that is your thing, go for it.

K4245 – I feel like this top would make more sense in a spring/summer release?  I find myself wishing the contrast panels lined up better?  I find the angles from the seams to be visually distracting from the softness of the blouse.  I think I maybe would really like this if it didn’t utilize the color blocking.

K4246 – More sleeve ruffles.  And a fairly common tunic neckline.

K4247 – I do like that this has back shaping with the darts, and the sleeve ruffles don’t bother me as much here.  I actually like that you get a very classic style and a very trendy style together, as it extends the longevity of this pattern substantially.

K4244 – Another spring/summer looking top.  I think the red version looks great in the photo though.

K4242 – I think Kwik sew is late to the game with this style; I’m sure I’ve seen several variations on this theme already this season.

K4243 – I know it’s just a maxi dress, but I really love this, especially the sleeves on view B!  All of the seaming detail at the top is a great way to get a faux wrap dress with lots of easy points for fit alterations, especially is wrap styles tend to be problematic for you.  This one is definitely going on the wishlist.  I feel like the styling is very spring/summer here, but in a dark floral it would be perfect for fall, especially in those areas that are still in the high 80s and 90s for most of the season.

K4248 – Honestly, I can’t fault anyone for wanting giant pockets on their sleepwear.  The hoos I feel might be uncomfortable to sleep on?  Though perhaps this is more like a pre-sleep robe alternative?

K4256 – I like this!  I miss the days when Kwik Sew was the pattern company to go to for exercise patterns.  Aside from nostalgia, though, I like the style of the leggings, the tank is cute, and I’d honestly wear that top when not exercising, so this may just have to join the stash as well.

K4250 – A perfectly serviceable PJ and short robe set.  I actually sort of enjoy the massive sleeves here – there is something delightfully decadent about a robe that could make you feel a bit like a 1940s Hollywood starlet.

K4249 – I know they are playing off “modern” trends here, but these PJs just feel so dated.

K0252 – Elle Mae.  I think I’d hate having such a high collar on a nightshirt, but the shaped hem is a nice detail.

K0253 – Elle Mae.  I’m assuming these are meant to be house slippers and not fully wearable shoes?

K0255 – Elle Mae.  This is a pretty cute apron, though the pocket could be more functional.

K0257 – Elle Mae.  See?  Functional pockets.

K4257 – I feel like there have got to be such better men’s vest patterns out there.  I mean, I guess as a sweater vest it’s ok, but in the stuffer fabric it looks so clunky.

K4258 – The back detail on this men’s shirt is interesting, and I like the two neckline options.  The shorts feel like a thing guys might work out in?  Maybe?

K0250 – Elle Mae kids PJs.

K0251 – Elle Mae.  I feel like the tops here are pretty cute, and look like easy sews for the kids.

K0254 – Elle Mae baby pillow?  I’m assuming the weird shapes are just there for the ‘gram.

K0256 – Elle Mae.  These food carriers are actually pretty practical as we head into potluck/family gathering season, especially if they were made with insulation.

And that’s it!  What do you all think?  Are you as shocked as I am by the fact that I found some patterns that are actually somewhat interesting?  Or is Kwik Sew still coming across as a crafty happy hands at home sort of a brand?  Do you think the styling could have a significant impact, or are the designs just too basic?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

Fall/Winter 2018 Kwik Sew Patterns #sewing #kwiksew #fallfashion #patterns

The Fall/Winter Kwik Sew Patterns have been announced!  Kwik Sew is one of those brands that I used to love, but have been increasingly unimpressed with since it got bought up by McButtVogue. 


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